Monday, March 26, 2007

My sis has got a `Ginger' dog

My sister has bought a toy poodle! (like the pix here.. no its not this one) A dog lover herself, she succumbed to the plea of her eldest son Edgar. Earlier today, I received a sms from her that said: `guess what i bought? you have got two of them.' :)

The dog is female, named `Ginger', she is brownish and her curly long locks made her look very cute even before she was groomed. I only saw a pix she MMS me.. She is quite tiny - about 6kg, six-month-old and toilet trained! And how coincidental can it get - Ginger shares the same birthday as Edgar! :)

At first Alexis, my niece was not friendly towards Ginger as she felt jealous with so much attention given to the dog! But the latest I heard they are now the best of pals.. yeah, all my nephews and niece adore dogs (like their yiyi hehe) :P

Sigh, I'll
have to go all the way to Hong Kong just to see her... I already planned not to go HK this year but I am soooo curious.. darn!

p.s. hopefully will have pix to follow (Chin, hurry up email!)

Update (noon): The real Ginger with the kids! :) Aint she cute?


Ruth said...

Aww, they're all cutie pies!

boo_licious said...

Such a sweet doggie and they look like they all love it even Alexis.

jesscet said...

yeah..aint the dog (and the kids) sweet! while i will get to see the kids soon.. dont know when i can see Ginger! :(

Anonymous said...

Ginger is a very fearful dog. She was very scared and inactive when she first arrived. Tail drop all the time, refused to go anywhere and hide under the table, ran away when you approached her. But after a few days with us, she is slowly trusting us and is much more joyful and playful :) Hope that with our care and attention, she will soon be a confident and sociable dog.

jesscet said...

glad to hear.. it must also be due to the change in environment. Even Jelly the rascal was quite timid the first few days here.. but look at her now! ;)