Saturday, March 03, 2007

`Lost' and Found

How silly of me!

Last night, I made myself worry and sad unnecessarily and had even broadcasted my `misfortune' to a number of friends during Bible study!

You see, I thought I've lost my favourite silver charm bracelet and two silver rings at the carpark of Mid Valley.

After a short gym session in the afternoon, I decided to go home to rest and have dinner before driving out to church for B.S. again.. but in order to beat the jam, I had to leave around 5pm and not later.

So with arms and shoulders full - my handbag, gym-bag and notebook case just to name a few, I was walking so fast to my car that I accidentally hit my handbag and causing some objects to drop out on to the ground.

I had sorta forgotten I had put my accessories in that pocket together with my car key.. So i just picked up the key I dropped on the ground and proceeded to the car and drove away..

When I was leaving my home and was looking for my favourite accessories, I couldn't find them! Then I thought back, and thought the only possible place they were lost was at the carpark. I know the chances of finding them were slim but still I had to try my luck so I went back all the way to MV carpark to the spot where i parked earlier and started looking around the ground and under the cars near where I had parked..

To my delight, I saw on the floor my pair of earrings - which were cheap but I like them nonetheless. That raised some hope so I searched on.. going down on my knees to peep under the cars, and ignoring any passers-by. But there were no sight of my silver bracelet rings.. so i thought they must have been picked up by some greedy people.

I was quite sad.. i loved the silver bracelet in particular as I handpicked each of the charms myself.. it's not like very pricey but it's no doubt my favourite accessory at the moment.

And I couldn't hide my downcast mood at church.. soon enough a few closer friends at the fellowship knew about it.. I even shared the episode with BS group and got some sympathetic words.

But guess what? late at night when i reached home, just as I almost put the whole thing behind (trying not to cling on to possessions), I FOUND my lost accessories!

They were inside that tiny pocket! Earlier when i searched, I didn't search thoroughly enough. The bracelet AND the two rings were there all the time!!

I was overjoyed.. the feeling of `lost' and found was simply too good.

To think of it, it's quite a joke. I'm so careless sometime.. well, I actually did drop my earrings at the carpark (but found them) but then kept thinking I've lost my beloved bracelet and rings when all the time, they were just sitting in my bag!



cyber-red said...

that sounded like a carrie bradshaw moment when she lost her chain, *wink*

jesscet said...

is it? hehe.. but shy la now i have to tell my friends i didnt lose them after all after the big hooha!

lta said...

think that was what either cath or her sis susanah said that night at bs to you, that sometimes it would turn up in the same place you checked.... and i remember you were very adamant that it wasn't possible cos you already checked :P

ah well....

jesscet said...

i was wondering who lta was until i read how u could name our common friends. hehe yeah it was susanah who said that. Cath said the same thing happened to her before! i really thought i have lost them..must not be so careless again!