Friday, March 16, 2007

Awakening amidst tiredness

Have been very inactive and tired out over the last few days..

I was a bit overwhelmed by many events last week/weekend: assignments and deadlines, wedding coordination, worship leading and yeah, that accident.

So guess i needed to recuperate my energy early this week..but unfortunately, I did something naughty - mixing alcohol with medications (antibiotic for foot as well as another to help me sleep) That has not helped.. and my sleeping patterns were disrupted yet again..

So here I am.. haven't been able to function normally for three whole days..have been staying at home mainly. Normally, I don't like to remain so inactive and idle. But my mental well being and my energy needs to be recharged. And for that I need a lot of rest.

But today when I was resting and not going for training in gym, I heard God was speaking to me.. He was telling me to slow down.. I should be still before Him more and stay focus on my calling..

Yes, so that's what I will do. Work is going to take a backseat for a while.. so are other non-essential social obligations..

But on the bright side, I finally was able to start writing my book again after all these weeks!! In a way, I am getting the momentum going.. So far, I only spent like half an hour to an hour yesterday and today.. because I was quite tired. But I know that's what I should be doing. If not it is also defeating the purpose of not having a full-time job!

Anyway.. will appreciate your prayers. I want to be well again.. to do what i need to be doing.


boo_licious said...

Nice having lunch with you just now. Do take care and don't over exert yourself.

jesscet said...

yeah, it was nice to catch up and remembering the Y-E-A-R-S! thanks.. feeling better now esp after gym! :)