Monday, March 19, 2007

Updates- Assorted

After a lethargic week.. i'm facing a very busy week ahead!

Thank God i'm feeling much better already today. Had lunch with Boo_licious and our friend Ms C. - we went back to college days! It was a nice lunch albeit less than desirable service.. And later in the afternoon I went for training after a week's hiatus! And really feel good after that!

Actually I have one story to work on.. because from Wed to Sun, it's gonna be busy, BuSy, BUSY! Will be covering three assignments and some with deadlines too.. then there are the usual commitments as well. I know, i know.. just in my last post I thought I better slow down.. but I feel the assignments are necessary as I have not really been working much at all! Work less means less income..

Speaking of income and finance.. I realise now I'm getting more careful in my spending. When in the past I would spend unnecessarily, now I really think twice or thrice before making a purchase. That doesn't mean I stop buying things of course but I won't get unnecessary wants like DVDs and CDs or other `toys' at the moment..

And speaking of income and finance.. hehe, I am looking forward to a lump sum (can't disclose the amount here of course) being the back-dated payment for our new collective agreement about two years back i believe. Yeah, called up my ex-company and was pleasently surprise to hear I'm getting THAT much. YEY! :) But this time, I'm not going to blow it like what I did end of last year.. Am going to put most into savings.. mom will be proud.

Nothing terribly exciting to blog about at the moment.. I guess I will have more to tell later in the week.


boo_licious said...

That's good news! Glad that they're making a payout to you.

We were both naughty: discovered the Massimo Dutti place and C bought a very lovely shirt there. Think Ms. P will go crazy at the nice stuff there as they plan to revisit it this coming wkend. Sizes are better for C since cater for Asian size so better for her to get them here compared to London.

jesscet said...

really! hehe..i have yet to visit the store but if they have sizes for C & P, doubt they have mine! but will have a look!

Anonymous said...

Wow, so looks like you don't really have to worry, financially. Just keep writing...