Saturday, March 03, 2007

Word on!

Yay! I can work on Word file now on my new notebook! :)

Thanks to my tech-savvy friend Adrian who introduced the Open Office installation to me (and helped me install), I have solved the dilemma of whether to buy an expensive Microsoft Office software or a cheap but illegal copy in the pirate market!

I don't have to worry.. This is perfectly legal and best of all it's FREE!

Of course, it is not exactly like MS Word as i have to choose the specific Open Office application to open the file to work on it.. but once I'm in, it's no difference from a normal MS Word application to me.. Except I don't think I can create a Word document with this appllication but it's ok.. I can always start a Word document in a thumb drive from my pc at home and then continue to work on my notebook.

And it means.. I can actually work on my book already on my notebook!

Except this weekend and coming week is going to be really busy for me - a few assignments and deadlines and also standing in for worship leading and helping a friend's church wedding coordination..

Whatever it is though.. now it is `all system go' for me to really work on my book. :)


SCH said...

To create a new MS Word file in Open Office, did you try to use "File -> SaveAs" and then select a Microsoft Word format ?

(See this link :

jesscet said...

oh i didn't try.. will do. and thanks for the link too! hey, now u can be my online tech service consultant ;)