Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mistress of the house (for 2 weeks)!!

Dad and mom left for their holiday in China for two weeks! This morning, I got up at 5:30am to send them to the airport.. I witnessed the rare (i mean rare for me :p) sunrise as I drove home and the weather was pretty lovely. I thought I should do something constructive so went to do marketing at 7:45am with my maid!

But after squeezing around in the crowded and getting hot market place, i got tired and went to bed again before waking up for lunch :p

And now I'm still groggy.. but in between had to do some work and also gave instructions to the workers we did something at the front garden as well as downstairs a nice little garden by a new patio!

So.. with the absence of dad and mom, I'm officially in charge of the house. And it's not just the house - it is also to be `in charge' of the two maids and my bed-ridden granny. There were quite a few things that I had to take note of in case of.. And then, mom also asked me to help her run errands :(

Some responsibilities huh.. but it's not the first time so i'm just taking it at my stride.

Oh, in case anyone comes here hoping to read updates on my trip.. my apologies. I think I won't be doing that.. unless I am suddenly so inspired. You see, I am actually going to write-up something on the trip - for sharing and presentation in church. We're calling it a `mission exposure trip'. Secondly, since I travelled to some really very scenic and nice places, I thought I should write a travel piece! So yes, I'm currently writing up a piece (focussed on Shangri-la area) for a magazine.

Perhaps later I'll post something after I've finished writing on both of that!

Hehe, I'm trying to be a good girl.. since I don't have any appointments set up at the moment, I'll try to remain at home as much as possible - well at least during weekdays.

Coz, as my Facebook status had been telling.. this is gonna be quite an exciting month! More later.. and yes, for one, i'll definite post on my experience of being a vendor at two upcoming junk sales!! ;)

This Saturday, will be having my Bible study group over for a gathering cum bridal party too.

Hmm. since when my blog is like a loose diary. I think I still have not gotten back to writing mode since the trip.

That's it for now..


HL said...

bridal party? who's getting married?

jesscet said...

Jamie and Dominic - u know them? i'm emcee and giving a surprising presentation during dinner :p

HL said...

surprise or surprising? hahaha. might she read your blog and find out?

jesscet said...

oops! hehe.. but not really `surprise' also la cos she knows already, just doesn't know the detailed content.