Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For the love of ME - a narcissist's fantasy?

Presenting.. the FAMOUS ME - in the limelight around the globe !!
...or rather, a girl is allowed to have some narcissistic fantasies....

My photo is placed on this huge banner on the wall..

On the cover of Vogue!

I am the face of a new perfume

Seen on neonlight advertisements..


Featured in Andy Warhol paintings..

Look I'm just everywhere!!

Even on this huge billboard in the middle of nowhere

On construction site even..

Could be a fan who did this!!

Mmmm... am the object of desire (ok, this looks superimposed!!:p)

Yup, i'm so famous even the dollar note features me!

This is more subtle.. I love B&W photo

I think I broke this man's heart...

I'm an exhibit in the art gallery

Am the `apple of the eye'...

Oh i even made headline news in a foreign paper

Am I a wanted person - by this old man?

Look, even David Beckham has me as his tattoo...

Maybe because I am the President of this country

A portrait sketch

The nice finished work..

But I can't really recognise myself as Marilyn Monroe..

Errrr.. and I definitely look odd as Monalisa!
Such photos can go on but i think I've spent too much time on it. It's just sooo fun for a narcissisist like me. Ended up uploading these pix in my Flickr, Facebook phtoos and even use one of them as my profile pix! :p

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