Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My two Js are so unfit!!

I know I'm pretty unfit - although I'm fitter today than I was 10 years ago due to gym training.. But because of traveling, busyness and plain laziness and lack of motivation, I haven't been to gym for a month now! (It doesn't help that my gym is about 17km away from my home and need to find parking and all...)

Anyway, this afternoon, since it was not too hot and sunny (before the rain came) I decided to jog around my housing area... and decided that my two overweight dogs need some exercise too!

So I took them along on a leash while I jogged! I think the whole distance - including quite a lot of stairs as we have a path around our gated community - was probably just about 1km or more..

It was much easier bringing Jojo as Jelly likes to stop at her fancy - either pee/poo or simply smelling something. I felt they were panting quite heavily.. although I was getting a bit tired myself. So after one round, we went home and stopped for a while - gave them some water, and then came out again and did just very short run...

Then it started drizzling so it was really a very short work-out for me..

While I already recovered my breath and all, the two dogs looked drop-dead tired, and panting heavily, and kept sticking out their tongues for air of course....

I couldn't help but take these photos - and this was like at least 20 minutes after they had stopped exercised!!

Gosh.. my dogs are so unfit!! I think I should bring them out to exercise more..

Jojo panting away by his water bowl...first standing and then `collapsed'!

Jelly too.. and is even too tired to chew her bone!!

Not easy to take photos with the Two Js, but I managed this time.. haha

This is such a funny pose - actually Jelly was lying slightly further away from Jojo but for photo sake, we push her gently closer and they actually just lied there for a few minutes like this - cos they are both too tired to move!!


Anne said...

gosh it's scary when a miniature schnauzer looks almost as big as a golden retriever (in one of the pix). ;p

jesscet said...

it's an illusion - angle of the photo! although Jelly is huge as a miniature - she still weighs 20kg less than Jojo! :)

Anonymous said...

Anne, don't you know Jelly is a pig dog/ dog pig?

ee-tan said...

hey don't be so mean to Jelly - you shouldn't make fun of overweight ppl so same for dog! :p