Sunday, October 19, 2008

Give me Justin anytime over pretty boys Fahrenheit

Ever since I first heard him sing on a TVB show on Astro about three years ago, I was pretty taken by his voice and his songs. At last, there's a promising new star who could actually sing, as well as write pretty good music too!

I have bought all his albums (except the latest), I have had the chances to watch him in concerts - his first solo in Malaysia as well as with other artistes or as guest artistes, and I have had the privilege to meet him and interview him during the course of my work as an entertainment journalist. Even had a pix with him - that was taken about two years back shortly before I quit my job.

So how could I miss the chance to watch Justin Lo in concert after almost two years later - and I was sure he has matured more in performance skills!

But since I hardly cover concerts anymore, I had to make use of my previous working relationship with the people from Genting, and ya, they were nice enough to give me two comps!

Posing by his concert poster outside Arena of Stars - actually this was taken after the concert. My companion refused to have her pix taken :p

Our seats were the second cheapest - about six row right from the top left side! Oh well, beggars can't be choosers.. I shan't complain.. But all I can say is the photos shown here are really lousy - just to show how the stage and Justin looked like from way up where we were seated. Thank goodness for the screens else I couldn't see how he looked like at all. It was a pretty good turnout - from observation, at least 90 per cent of the 6,000 seats were occupied!

This is the best photo I took - also I didn't bother to take much - firstly knowing the effect would be bad, secondly, there were workers walking around instructing people not to take photos! Although the minute they walked away, cameras were out again and this girl in front of me even videod half of the concert!

I really enjoyed many of the songs he sang - in particular his well known ballads like `Good Guy', `Tough Life' etc.. There were some `PG13' parts - where he and his female dancer did some steamy routines and the girl even put her hands in between his thigh! hmm..

While I enjoyed most part of it, what I couldn't really relate to was the `rock segment'. Ya, he tried hard and his voice was pretty powerful, but he's just not a rocker by nature and the sound was loud and jarring.. didn't know the words he was singing too!

However, when he just stood there and crooned with his powerful and pure voice those emotional ballads, it was when he really shone. This could be seen by the way the audience responded.. And sometimes when he attempted those softer and mellower tunes, both my friend and I just closed our eyes and let the beautiful music and singing bring us to a place so beautiful and surreal..

Ok, i know I'm not good with such description but you get the idea.. it's the quality of his singing plus some of the better Cantopop these days.. And really, to me it's a treat to be there listening to Justin's singing his music.

Gosh, it poured when the concert ended.. so we delayed our journey home for an hour. Even with all the effort of driving up, finding parking, braving the rain and driving back in the dark.. I was glad I came. Some more I have nothing to complain since I didn't have to pay for the tickets!

During the drive home, I put on Justin's CD again and I think even my friend who didn't know much of his songs, was quite impressed with his voice..and some of his music.

So that was Saturday night - my `date' with Justin. ;)

The day before, I covered Taiwanese boy-band Fahrenheit's press conference. The group - consists of Wu Chun, Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang and Aaron Yan (I was still learning their names just before they appeared!) is so big and their album selling so well that they are arguably the biggest boy-group to emerge since F4.

Many of their fans out there would be so jealous that I was just sitting a few feet away from the guys for group interview.. (I can literally touch one of them! :p)

To be honest, I've reluctantly attended some PCs and meet-the-fans sessions of few of these dudes, and saw how the young girls went wild!! I also had heard their albums (given free to me) but never really felt there's anything special about their voice or their music..

ok ok, guess I'm way too old to be even their target audience let alone their fans.. but the thing is, I really don't see what's so great about them besides their good looks? But maybe I should give them the benefit of doubt as I have yet to see their live concerts. I heard from some people that they are pretty `keng' - again I wonder if that's just some gimmicks and fluff over substance?

Before i get booed by any Fahrenheit fans out there.. let me stress that I've nothing personal against them! In fact they seem amiable and `sweet' enough at the PC and duly answered all questions albeit it's one of the shortest Q&A sessions I've ever seen due to time constraint we were told.

Just that I hope they will prove me wrong with their first ever concert in Malaysia next month. I will be given comp tix but I'm still thinking whether I should go... Maybe first I should listen to their albums again to know at least a couple of songs.. or I should say, I hope I am able to find a couple of songs I like!

Well, I'm sure their concert will be a hit - and attended by more than 10,000 as the venue is Bukit Jalil National Stadium..

But for me, give me Justin any time..


Hirohiko Shatta said...

From your description, I wish I was there too. It's been quite a while since I went to any concerts. My last was Westlife maybe about 7 years ago :P

Liu Tze said...

Hiya... was looking forward to your review of Justin's concert and you have uploaded pics as well! that was fast :)
I went to the concert too, and it really did not disappoint. In fact, when he sang those ballads, it brought tears to my eyes!
Am already looking forward to his next concert :P