Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!

It's mom birthday yesterday - Oct 30. This year, she requested that instead of us treating her out for dinner, she would like to eat at home - help us save some money and she's also a bit tired out from her recent trip and singing rehearsals!

And she wanted me to cook dinner.. and of course I was happy to!

I'm not a great cook but I enjoy it and have done some okay dishes. I enjoyed Western cooking more than Chinese since we eat Chinese daily at home..

So after some thinking, here's my menu for the evening: (I have a wedding rehearsal at 8pm so we have to eat earlier thus I thought not something that complicated)

1. Fresh tomato and basil soup
2. Fresh dill and salmon pasta with spinach
3. Grilled Portabello mushroom with garlic butter oil
4. Cooked young asparagus and carrot
5. Pan-fried eye round steak with garlic salt seasoning.

They don't have fancy names like restaurants cause they are quite straight forward stuff. It's only the pasta that i followed recipe. As for the soup, I had to modify the recipe as I ran out of time and got wrong stock!!

Anyway, here's the finished products!

Dad bought a lovely little cake..

after we sang, mom making a wish - for quite long - and then puff! blew just the one solitary candle!

Since we were eating at home, we all looked pretty bad.. :p But mom, without a trace of make-up, was sporting enough to allow me to take photos - she loves to take photos anyway.. You wont see me in it because the only photo of me and mom were a bit blur and I looked really bad too with my messy half-dried hair!

I think mom is most happy with my birthday present for her this year! When my aunt and my sis called to wish her happy birthday, she stressed to them that she is having a very nice dinner, cooked especially by me! ;D

Happy Birthday again mom - may you have a happy, healthy and blessed year ahead!

p.s. any guess how old is my mom? ;p


lainey said...

wow - wat a huge and yummy looking spread! happy birthday 2 auntie chow :D

ee-tan said...

Thanks lainey! :)

Carmen and Kim Kee said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! sweet of you cooking for your mom on her birthday. I've not cooked for my mom before on her birthday. Guess I want to do so when I have our own house in KL. Thanks for the inspiration.

Indeed, it's such an honour for moms tasting their daughters' cooking.

ee-tan said...

hehe, thanks ;) the truth is my mom doesn't cook - and out of all of us at home, i enjoy cooking most so naturally i turn chef..