Sunday, May 22, 2005

Attraction between little kid and dogs.. ;)

Taking Miu Miu (my little niece) to visit Jojo's house. Miu Miu is fascinated by the two Js. When she cries, I just bring her to see Jojo and she stops crying! We specially had this dog house built forJojo but he still has his freedom most of the time - he only gets closed up when it rains or when there are visitors. Jojo sleeps anywhere in the garden compound, his favourite place being near the cars in the porch. Oh, note Jelly's head at the bottom.. (the photo is taken by Wati our Indonesian maid - not bad for first timer! ) Posted by Hello


boo_licious said...

I thot Jojo and Jelly sleeps with you. Never knew they had their own doghouses.

jesscet said...

No, I still need my long beauty sleep.. they get up like 6:30am and would want to go outside!!