Sunday, May 22, 2005

Jealous Miss Jelly

Jelly is one little `manja' fella - oops, i mean, girlie.

And she becomes extra `manja' when Jojo is around.. because she wants to have your attention and your affection, and she couldn't bear to see another dog getting it more than she does!

If I call: `Jojo!'. Before Jojo comes to me, Jelly would sprint in front of me first and then she would snuggle up by stepping all over me.. (that's if I am sitting down). She will place her little head on my lap and loves it when I stroke her gently.

Jojo also likes to do that but when Jelly is around, he doesn't have much chance. If he comes close, Jelly also squeeze close.

And many time when I pet Jojo, Jelly would barge in between us purposely. Yes, poor Jojo can only `share' his mommy with Jelly if she is around..

Jelly may be the smaller and more `manja', but she is also more feisty and fierce! And when it comes to toys or treats, boy, poor Jojo just has to give in to her. If not, there will be a big `dog wars'!

This is a typical scene: I have two chewy sticks - one each for them. When I throw one down first, Jelly would fight for it like there's no tormorrow. Jojo, after a while just give up. Then when I give the other one to Jojo, Jelly would drop what she is having and fight for Jojo's again! Although that is exactly the same thing..

Poor Jojo would have to just take which ever Jelly has deserted. But warn you, even if she has got one already, she still wants to take Jojo's share but too bad, she couldn't manage to bite two of the sticks together. I am sure she would if she could manage.

Toys too - Jelly just wants them all! When I bought two new toys recently, one meant for each of them, she alone has the say. She would has the first choice of which one she wanst to play with but when Jojo plays with the other one, she changes her mind again.

Oh Jelly, you are one difficult and jealous creature!

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boo_licious said...

Yup, boo is like that also since she is the youngest and she bullies her big brother and sister instead.