Monday, August 31, 2009

My 3rd junk sale and the biggest!

Today I'll be taking part at The No Plastic Bag Bazaar as a vendor - sharing a stall with my friend Hazlin.

Organised by The Recyclists and with a little help from the expert of junk sale Threadszoo, it's a pretty big event that includes the participation of many local celebs (performing, auctioning) as well as a huge area for vendors. Mind you, most of them I can see are in the businesses..

So I really hope among all the `competition', some people will be buying our preloved junks! :p Anyhow I'm glad to be part of it as the event is for a good cause - to remind people to go green and to raise funds for Furry Friends Farm and Malaysian Nature Society.

This time round, I'm still selling things like clothings (ya.. there're loads I don't want anymore and also many that're now way too big for me!) , handbags and accessories - the latter took quite a lot of time to sort out! On top of that, I'm also selling books - mainly novels, and thanks to the contribution by my Italian teacher.. she had read so many books esp chick lits (in English, not Italian :p). And then I'm also selling some unsued knick knacks like handphone pouches, key rings etc...

Here's just a brief summary of my products for sale:
  • Close to 30 or so dresses/blouses with hangers (to be hung on my friend's cloth rack)
  • A small suitcase full of tank tops, t-shirts, shirts and blouses
  • A large box full of handbags of various sizes
  • A large box full of skirts and a few pants
  • A huge basket containing accessories in various boxes - earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair clips etc etc.. pouches to give away
  • Two boxes full of books - chick lits and others
  • Another bag containing the knick knacks
  • Not for sale: a huge bag with money box, stationary box, cardboard, small plastic bags and pouches, mirror etc..
Ya, as you can see.. that's quite a lot to bring! Quite relieved that my parents were so sweet to want to company me and help me to transport the stuff and to set up the stall! In fact my maid will be coming too.. hehe, at least there's something for them to do on Merdeka Holiday!

Actually packing the things weren't so bad thought it took up quite a lot of time.. the worse was when I had to take out old books or other stuff, the dirt made me sneeze so badly the whole evening.. used up so many tissues!! :( Thank goodness, I'm done and just had a cup of hot honey lemon plus a Clarinese pill.. so finally the runny nose has improved a bit..

So hope to it will be a fruitful and fun day.. more updates later!!


~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Good luck with the sale! I hope you sold everything. I am not a shopper so I will steer clear. I have been busy with my MNS and SPCA stuff anyway. Thank you for helping MNS and FFF this way.

jesscet said...

thanks ee-lynn. no i didn't sell everything but had fun doing it anyway and ya did my bits for the causes :)

May Yee said...

Hello! Thank you for your feedback about the cookies from The Pet Bakery Pawtisserie given out at The No Plastic Bag Bazaar. Will check out your blog to check out your next Bazaar event! I am a flea market shopper... May Yee.

jesscet said...

may yee: thanks for ur comment! :) not sure when will i sell again as i am trying to give away stuff now cos they're not so selleable besides books! anyways..will also check your blogs for doggie treats ;)