Sunday, June 24, 2007

a small foot accident

Another silly `accident' happened to me - I sprained my left ankle yesterday evening. :(

A group of us went for a drink after a-capella practice and then as we were leaving Lotus, somehow I wasn't paying attention when walking down a few steps. And ahh..! i missed the last step and twisted my left foot! I thought I could hear `crunchy' sound of the tendon being twisted... And then I realised it was swollen a bit, quite painful and a bit hard to walk..

Thank God I was with a group of nice friends - someone got me a chair to sit on (in the middle of the passage way!) and another got me a packet of ice. I put ice on it for about 10 minutes and it felt much better. I managed to walk to the car which was driven to the door way..

When we reached church to get our own cars, I walked a short distance and the swelling came again! I was a bit lost as to how to nurse this sprain, and it was getting painful.. so my friend CH suggested that I should go and see a `tit tar'. Which I thought was a great idea as I had benefited from their skills in the past. Problem was I don't know any `tit tar' so she offered to accompany me to one which she knows of in PJ.

The first one we went to, which she had been to, had a waiting time of more than an hour! But luckily there was another nearby, which looks very professional too. So we tried `Oriental Tit Tar'. the `sifu' / physician, who mixes traditional Chinese medicine and Western chiropractic, was pretty impressive in his professionalism and skills. He assured me it was just a sprain and nothing was fractured (thank God) and went ahead to rub the sprained area in such a way that although it was painful, the whole foot felt much `lighter' and I could even walk quite normally!

Anyway, he went on to apply some smelly herbal medication and bandaged up the foot. The whole process took just minutes! Inside I thought he should spend a bit more time on it actually.. I was supposed to leave it for two days and then to come back for treatment again on Monday. He also gave me a bottle of alcohol to be applied to the area every four hours.

The total damage came up to be RM51. Definitely a lot more compared to the `tit tar' sifu I used to visit in my college days near my old home in Old Klang Road. But looking at the set up and the credential/experience of the physicians at `Oriental Tit Tar', I guess such prices are to be expected.

I can walk though with a slight limp and I know I would need to rest the foot more. But the annoying thing is I won't be able to workout for at least a month or two - well, not lower body anything that uses the foot!

Sigh.. just another of life's `little misfortunes'..


Anonymous said...

I hope this is not your bad foot, you know, the one that your broke more than 10 years ago.


jesscet said...

no. it's the other (left) foot. no worries cos it's already much much better... can walk like normal! ;)

Anonymous said...

I went to Setapak Oriental tit tar for 2nd session treatment for my waist and arm, shown no slight relieve and improvement at all. Making even worse my upper left back is currently in pain, which is totally fine previously...sigh*. Not planning to return for 3rd session, looking for another sifu or alternative way....