Saturday, June 02, 2007

a wedding and three movies

It has been another eventful week and I can foresee the coming week will be even more busy as far as work is concerned.

Yep, work has been coming in.. I shouldn't be complaining as at one point, I was worried I wasn't getting enough work thus enough money. Then as if God is answering my prayer... I will have four assignments to finish by next week at least!!

Ok! back to why I so titled this post..

A Wedding

Last Saturday we attended my cousin Sor How's wedding dinner. He tied the knot with a girl from Shanghai - they met while studying in the U.K.

It was a nice and classy dinner at the Reinaissance Hotel ballroom and the food was good (seldom you get high standard fare for a wedding dinner)! I was seated with all my cousins. It was four couples, me and a nine-year-old niece! But since we're family so I didn't really feel like a lamp post or anything; in fact, had a good time of catching up with one another.

Since we were the closest relatives from Sor How's mom's side, eldest aunt and mom decided we should stay back to take photos together with the newly weds..

Sor How and Xiao Ting with the three sisters - eldest aunt, second aunt (the mother of the groom) and mom.

A pix of the cousins and their other halves..

(left) The bride and groom. (right) Bride and groom once upon a time


3 Movies

I ended up watching three movies this week (in cinemas not DVD) And to think of it, the fortnight before, I happened to watch quite a number of performing arts shows.

Anyway, I (and probably the whole world) had been looking forward to this one.

So when a friend said he's booked tickets and asked whether I wanted to join them on Monday night, I was glad to do so! A good day too as I would be busy the few following evenings.

So did I like it? lets say this is defintely the BEST movie of the three. But hmm.. while it is entertaining, I would not say it's great - which i would not hesitate to label it for `Curse of the Black Pearl'. Basically I feel they just want to cram in too many things - subplots, characters, have it. And then at the end, it is just too complex and `rojak' even. Ok, i still love Jack Sparrow (who doesn't?) and even some cool characters like Capt Barbossa and Mr squid face, or even Sao Feng although his screen presence was small.. Oh, and of course the special effects were fantastic!

Ok, i am even contemplating watching it a 2nd time (if time allows) just because I think I missed quite a bit of the fast-pace, very happening scenes!

Then, on Wednesday, went with Lainey for this movie that I was just curious to watch.. since i also did a write-up on it. Was glad that she was gamed to watch `Ming Ming' - a stylistic HK movie starring the talented Zhou Xun and heartthrob Daniel Wu. I told her it's a fantasy-martial art-romance type of movie.. which turned out to be quite true. But definitely NOT your typical HK movie...

The whole movie was very artistically and stylistically shot - after all the director Susie Au is famed for directing music videos. It has a rather interesting though obscure plot. Dialogues were few and some scenes were pretty much slow moving. But what we could have tolerated as something unique and new escalated into something quite ridiculous..

About the cast, all I can say is Zhou Xun is still a very good actor while Daniel Wu is pretty much wasted in this movie - actually he wasn't even the male protagonist and more like a guest star.

Well, although i didn't really like it, at least it wasn't unbearable.. some people can even argue it is `unique' and `interesting' in its own ways..

But.....but, the same couldn't be said of this new movie from our neighbours from the South - which is only to be released next week.

Some people call it a `horror-comedy' - (as the roles are all ghosts!) But horror definitely it is not, and comedy? it has the most slapstick, stupid and preposterous content you can ever imagine.. and at many parts, crude as well!

Actually it had some promising ideas in the beginning - that's totally new and refreshing. But alas, the movie just detariorated along the way. No doubt the type of over-the-top comics and humour belong to Stephen Chow's `mou lei tau' genre. But at least those HK`mou lei tau' movies, while appear silly, are funny. The so-called jokes and comical antics in `Men In White', sadly were plain stupid and ludicrous - they fall flat at their face and really NOT funny..

Ok, it was a bit funny in the beginning but over all, this movoie was quite painful to watch, unless you can leave your brain at the cinema entrance first..

Since this was actually work, the ironic thing was we then had to interview the film director and cast members after the movie and hear them rave how they enjoyed working on it and how interesting they thought it is. I like the director and cast - they were amiable and chatty and have no airs at all! And they were all very open to answer all our questions.

Such a shame about the movie though..

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