Sunday, June 17, 2007

Too brief an encounter with Maggie Q

What hiatus? :p

Gosh, I think I'm really addicted to blogging. Anyway, two articles which deadline is tomorrow are almost done. So guess I deserve a rest..

Hmm.. how shall I describe Friday's work trip to Singapore? Yep, it was tiring. I mean, getting up at 5am was a real feat for me. It would have been worth it though.. if the PC and interview could be a little longer?

After all the effort of taking an early flight down and back and all that, the irony was, it was the shortest ever press conference/interview I've ever attended!

Don't get me wrong.. Maggie Q was great. She looks way too cool but she does have a wonderful personality to boost - very amiable, chatty and no airs.. It was such a shame that we only had 11 minutes between seven journalists and her for the so-called round table interview. Really, she makes such a good interviewee, giving thoughtful, intelligent answers. It would simply be nice just to chat with her!

She loves to laugh and is spontaneous. Oh, she's really witty too. A Singapore reporter asked her between Tom Cruise and Bruce Willis, who is her cup of tea, she smiled and pointed at the cup in her hand: `this. I like green tea!'

The press conference was almost inexistent! Because it started a little late, and after the video clips showing, the emcee literally only let about 60 members of the press from Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines and Singapore to ask TWO questions! Yes, can you believe that?

It already started when we arrived - no thanks to the half-an-hour flight delay. They showed the first 20 minutes of `Die Hard 4.0' - which was pretty action packed and violent (by my standard) But it was real action, and not the CGI type.

I love the fighting scene between Bruce Willis and Maggie Q. Wow, she really could kick ass! And poor ol' Bruce got beaten up good by a girl that's half his size, or maybe 1/3. Haha.

Since the interview was over even way before noon, we just hang out at the Four Seasons Hotel and had lunch - a nice buffet dessert spread that featured a chocolate fountain/fondue! And that was yummy.. :p

Our flight was at 5:25pm so we still had a bit of time to kill.. A few of us journos from Malaysia decided to window shop a bit. After all the hotel was just a stone throw away from the shopping haven of Orchard Road. And as we walked there, we realised it was actually the Great Singapore Sale! But too bad, my financial state does not allow me to really go shopping.. But I did end up buying a wallet though.. not the expensive type of course.

Somehow we ended up at Changi Airport quite early so I spent 40 minutes or so in the bookstore and bought a magazine.

I (and most of the others) practically konked out as soon as we boarded the plane. Again it was delayed.. I don't know why planes could never depart according to the stated time!

For the first time, and since I was without luggage, I took the Airport Transit home. It was pretty comfortable.. definitely beat sitting in a taxi which costs much more and had a such a long queue! Dad picked me up at the train station and I was surprise but so happy to see Jelly was in the car too!! ;)

I'm still not fully recovered from Friday.. had a nap on Saturday afternoon as well this (Sun) afternoon. A fellow-journo texted me after we went home on Friday and said this would be the `first and last time' she would take a day trip assignment to Singapore!

As for me, it would depend on what is the assignment. I would say meeting Maggie Q more or less made up for it - if only we had more time!


Lim Chang Moh said...

Wow, Jesscet, you got to meet Maggie Q! I saw her in Die Hard 4.0 yesterday and she was great. So how r things with you. Keep me posted on your decisions. Cheers and God bless.

jesscet said...

hi! so i see u're quite smitten by Maggie Q eh? ;) yeah saw your review - was there a press preview? i thought it's gonna be a bit later. anyway, was in S'pore again.

thanks..will keep you posted. :)