Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Crossing the crossroad..

Am going down to Singapore again tomorrow for an overnight assignment!

Still haven't finished packing - i know, it's just one night but still have to pack right? :p came back from a fruitful Bible study/sharing/prayer just now and had my late late dinner..

It's going to be a busy coming week again looking at the amount of assignments i have at hands.. but I'm happy and thankful.

Well, it's a long story and I hadn't shared it here before.. just that lately i have been feeling quite confused and lost with the direction of my life. A few months back, I had thought I wanted to do something different.. it's quite a major decision. But as time passed, I was beginning to have doubts... I have prayed about it, spoke to my parents and friends.. but no solution.

Today, I finally am able to make a decision after being at the cross-road for so long. I had a long talk with a former pastor of my church over lunch. After listening to me (and of course he knew from way back), he offered some very wise and sound advice which sort of struck a chord too.. So in my heart I have made the decision and I feel a sense of relief and peace. I think it is all making more sense now..

Pardon me, I know to most of you, what i'm saying now does not really make sense. But it doesn't really matter.. what matter is I'm no longer confused and lost.. Well, in fact I'm also considering going back full time employment soon.. because realistically what I'm doing now is not financially sustainable..

There are more things I would like to share but not now... (haven't packed!!! :p) But I believe, whatever it is, the Lord will guide me one step at a time.

Okay, better go finish packing and rest earlier as I have to get up early to catch the coach this time!


Anonymous said...

So when can you share with us?


jesscet said...

anytime - will either email u or thru the phone. just that it's a bit personal to share here.

p.s. i think u'll approve of my decision! :)