Thursday, June 14, 2007

Short Hiatus (?)

Looks like this blog needs to have a short hiatus.

After a rather relaxing couple of days recovering from last weekend's busyness, it happens again! I'll be swamped with work and assignments till end of next week - or even beyond!

Within one week, I will be going down south twice - both very brief trips. This Friday, I'll be taking 8:05am flight and back in the evening itself - to interview Hong-Kong-model-turned -Hollywood-kickass-actress Maggie Q. It shall be interesting meeting her in person.. thought she was pretty cool in Mission Impossible III and now she'll be starring opposite good ol' Bruce Willis in the upcoming Die Hard 4.

But, waking up THAT early to catch a flight is not interesting at all! I calculated. I need to rise by 5am! For this owl, might as well tell me not to sleep the whole night....!

The next Singapore trip will be commuted by coach and with an overnight stay, to watch a showcase and interview a musician whom I've never heard off! But based on the photos on the press invite, violinist David Garrett looks quite a hunk - with shoulder-length hair. ;) I was hoping the trip would be a two- night-one so I could look up friends/relatives or maybe even go shopping. But alas, there'll be no time at all by the look of it. So now the only consolation is meeting the cutie in person. ;)

To think of it, I would be going to Singapore thrice in less than two months for this particular newspaper. Looks like trips to our neighbour down-south are not popular with the entertainment journos there.. Sometimes I wish, if only I were given trips to further places.. fat chance i know.

Traveling aside, the stress factor is that I have a number of other assignments that's due early /mid next week which i still have to start work on!! And of course I also need to write up on the Singapore ones as well.. To think of it, being a freelance could be as, if not more, hectic than being employed with a paper..

Unfortunately.. even if I work as hard or harder than I used to be, my earning is still miserable.. Yes, I know I've whined about this before. Guess i should be counting my blessings.. As one who can't stand routine, I am really enjoying my lifestyle now that gives me so much freedom... guess there must be some kind of trade off..

Anyway I shall not digress further. Here I'm telling myself I shall be disciplined from tomorrow onwards - forget about blogging for a while and simply focus on my work.

Unless, I really need a break.... and that's when blogging may serve to be therapeutic! ;)

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