Thursday, June 28, 2007

They sing their lives for God..

They're not some Chinese pop artistes. These two guys sing for God and their sole mission is to spread the Gospel through their performances.

I was so impressed by these blokes from Singpetra Mission (their website is in Chinese) last week when I brought my parents to their Chinese Golden Oldies concert that I went back again to watch the concert last night! After all, it was free :p and was held at my church..

Having been involved in gospel singing and evangelistic concerts for many years, Henry Chong, who founded Singpetra Mission, and his partner Raymond Looi, started a series of Chinese Golden Oldies evangelistic concerts last year - although the they are Singaporeans, Malaysia is like their base and they had been having the ocassional concerts at our church since the beginning of this year..

I know it's kinda bad but I really didn't expect that they could sing so well! Henry has got a deep, powerful baritone voice while i would describe Raymond's as soothing and sensual.. i prefer his voice actually. Yes, their vocals are no doubt better than many pop idols of today! On top of that, they also have great showmanship and exude such charisma and charm on stage...

But what was more impressive than all that is their testimonies. I mean here are two highly talented and pretty good-looking guys. Instead of pursuing a dream of seeking fame and fortune in the entertainment world, they have chosen the narrow path - that of serving God and spreading the Gospel. And their type of work is not without its fair share of hurdles and hardship, and they have no fixed income nor a proper support base.

For Henry who is already 42, he was not ashamed to disclose that he has no money, property or even a car and he even sacrificed marriage, `How can I afford it and who would marry me?' he said. As for the younger Raymond, he was recently offered a lucrative recording contract by a large music company in Singapore but he turned it down.. For these two, they are single-minded in their calling by God...and there's no looking back.

It's great that their Chinese Golden Oldies showcase had been very well received. Through singing (old) love songs, they were creative to link them to their faith and the Gospel.. and during each concert, there were people who came to accept Jesus.

Last night I came back again also because they were singing hymns and songs of praises. I thoroughly enjoyed myself..With just a guitar as accompaniment, the two of them took those familiar aged-old hymns and sung them from the bottom of their hearts with such feelings.. the music was moving and beautiful. And of course there were heartfelt sharing in between.

Their (tentatively) last show at our church will be on August 14, and I think I will be there again.. and hopefully will invite some Chinese-speaking friends to come along!

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The Hedonese said...

Hi Jess, I attended their concert at FBC too :) It was fantastic!! wish i cud bring my dad to hear the oldies