Sunday, July 01, 2007

Has it been half a year already??


We are at the half-way mark of 2007.

It's the 10th anniversary of the historic take-over of Hong Kong by China.

And it's time for personal reflection..? or some rant..

Gosh, time REALLY REALLY flies..!! Who doesn't agree with that please tell me. Somehow I feel as I get older, the faster the time goes by. I remember when I was in primary school, somehow one day is always SOOO long! (or maybe i woke up much earlier than :p) But now, with just a blink, half a year has flown past.

This also marks eight months of me not having a job.. ok, I've been doing some work but it is just different.. And I don't know, it seems that time passes even more quickly nowadays! and as i mentioned in a previous
post, i know such luxurious and leisure lifestyle need to come to an end. I need to get back to routine..I need to do more work.. and I above all, I need to have more INCOME!!

And yeah, I am on a job hunt now.. but I'm choosy also (:p) so it will probably take some time before I'm gainfully employed again!

Instead of looking back this half a year - which all the highlights I've already blogged about - I shall look forward a couple of months. And yes, there's quite a bit to look forward to!

Next week this time, I will be in Bangkok for just a short holiday! Will be going with my marathoner friend. Again we grabbed the Air Asia offer and possibly one of the lowest fares.. and I was so kiasu that I even booked the flights BEFORE my Bali trip in January! Accommodation wise, we only booked on line two months back and already our first few choices were not available via the online booking.. well, at least we still managed to find a hotel of good location... only drawback for me is, I have to hold back on the shopping!

August will be an even more exciting month. There is our church camp to Penang in mid August. The last time - three years ago - when we had our camp in Penang, i had a wonderful and very meaningful time. And I believe this time too especially we have a great speaker. Of course we will get to have good fellowship with one another too... something we usually don't do much as we're such a big church.

Then just three days after returning from Penang, I'll be going to Bali again - this time taking my parents with me! Yes, I know I just went beginning of this year and blogged quite bit on it (here, here, here and here!) I loved it and I just couldn't wait to go again! This time, we will be staying five nights - two nights by the beach and three nights at Ubud. Will be celebrating dad's birthday as well.. and I managed to book some lovely hotels after spending hours surfing the Net! ;)

Yeah.. so, with these travel plans, I guess I will be happy to start work (God willing) in September only! But I will still be getting freelance work so I won't be like idling away...

Who knows.. maybe from then on I'll be so busy with work, and on top of that I won't be able to take leave for about a year..? So I guess like they say: enjoy while you can!! :)

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