Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jelly of Weird Taste!!

No i am not talking about the edible jelly that has gone wrong..

It's my miniature schnauzer `Jelly' - she's probably the only dog I know which actually eats oranges!!

We know she's quite a glutton. But many dogs are too.. just that although she eats about just anything.. but I didn't expect her to like sour stuff as well!

Just now i did an `experiment' as I was eating an orange. I peeled a small piece and fed it to Jojo (my golden retriever for those who don't know) . He refused to open his mouth and even retreated.. I was quite bad, I opened his mouth and put the orange in but as expected, he immediately spat it out!!

Then I went to Jelly and did the same thing.. I kinda expected her to take it (she's a glutton remember?) but what i didn't expect was that she actually chewed a bit and swallowed happily!!

Hmm.. I thought maybe she was just too hungry to realise it wasn't nice? Surely she won't take the orange again. So this time I even made it a bigger piece.. I went to Jojo (got the same reaction) and then to Jelly.

And yes, she ate it again!!

Ok, she didn't look like she loved the orange very much (unlike when it's meat or something tasty) BUT it's just amazing that she actually eats orange!

Hmm...wonder what I should let her try next.. :p

1 comment:

Messy Christian said...

Well, Nicky likes to eat rubber bands. ;) I think every dog has a taste for something weird!