Thursday, July 12, 2007

Three Nights in Bangkok (part 1)

I'm back! Bangkok was interesting and fun!

It has A LOT to offer but for me, shopping definitely ranks high. It is a real shopper's paradise - from the bargain shoppi
ng at street markets to more high-end goods in its huge and modern shopping malls!

In three days, we managed to cover the more touristy places in the city - with shopping and massages thrown in! Thus we didn't have enough time to go for some excursions outskirt..

Here are some highlights (and yes, many many photos too!!)

Captivating Colourful Chatuchak

I have heard from many that it's huge and sells EVERYTHING - but still it was quite an amazing and awesome experience to walk through hundreds and thousands of stalls that literally offer ANYTHING you can think of - some pretty exotic and interesting stuff too!

Pity that we only got to spend about four hours there - trust me, you can easily spend the whole day and not even finished browsing the bazaar! It's only open during weekend and our flight was on Sunday... anyway that was the first destination we headed to after checking into our hotel.

It was packed with people.. and walking around the place was like a maze! It was sweltering hot too! We didn't know there was actually a printed directory available so we just made our way around randomly.. even so we didn't manage to repeat the same routes.. and i think in all we covered maybe just one-third of the whole market!!

It was so fun! I could have s
pent a few days shopping there! And yes, I did buy quite a bit - but no, didn't go overboard :p

They sell puppies and other pets too! And some really weird stuff like Hitler's puppets and also other scary looking figures. Hmm.. There were many many foodstalls as well as those selling all kinds of drinks and desserts I can't recognise.. Oh, there were also insects and roaches. (fake but looked pretty real!)

A Condom-ful Restaurant

Yes, you read right. There's this famous eatery in Bangkok called `Cabbages and Condoms', whereby its profits go towards supporting family planning and HIV awareness programs! The restaurant is located at a quaint building and the minute you entered, you will be greeted by mannequins which attires were made of colourful condoms! And other decor items such as lamp shads as well.. pretty creative and ingenious!

We sat at the open-air area with a nice, cozy ambiance. There were quite a lot of diners who were mostly tourists.. The food did not disappoint! No wonder most travel guidebooks list this place as a recommended restaurant! But of course the attraction is in its interesting theme. When I told my dad about this restaurant, he looked appalled and thought it was `obscene'! Oh well.. :p


lainey said...
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lainey said...

oops. i didn't mean to trash my message - noticed the delete option for first time today and my fingers were itchy :P

anyways. what i meant to say was that i've been there too! (Cabbage and Condom) and instead of mints we got complimentary condoms! ;)

jesscet said...

yeah! we also got two condoms but because we didn't pick them up and looked uninterested, then the waiter took them back again! afterwards we thought we should've taken them to give others :p