Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hacken's Happening Concert

Some snippets from the concert last Saturday at Genting.

I actually volunteered my `service' to the newspaper and got my new aunt to come with me as she's quite gamed for concerts! Well, although i'm not a fan but it's Hacken Lee's first solo concert here and I do like many of his songs!

But I had a rude shock when we were being ushered to our seats! In all my life (ok, i mean working life) of covering concerts, never have I been given worst seats than this! The two rows of media seats were right in front - but at the far corner - which means we could hardly see what's on stage and even couldn't view the screen properly! Yes, it was a full house but I think it's not right to give the media the worst leftover type of seats!

(I'm glad one of the Chinese press reporter wrote about this in her report and it prompted the organiser to call us up on Monday and today to apologise and explain - apparently they wanted to give the media the front seats but Genting had already booked up all the better seats and when they found out it was too late...)

Anyway, half the time I was sitting/squarting in the middle front with the other photographers.. and we managed to find a couple of empty seats just slightly better from the god-forsaken place we have been allocated!!

Back to the concert itself. Check out Hacken Lee's costumes!! ;) If you ask me, i think this type of glittery, showy, ala-80s costumes are out already. But somehow many HK artistes like to dress up like this! I think a few outfits Hacken wore actually make him look gay! :p hope Hacken's fans here won't kill me for criticising his sense of dressing and taste.

Hacken is quite a good singer and his soothing, mellow vocals are quite suited to interpret ballads, and ballads are indeed what he is known for! He has so many beautiful and melodious love songs from the last two decades and in the concert, many of them were presented. Oh, I particularly enjoyed the `concert hall' segment which featured violin, piano and erhu solos. Simply enchanting music..

Yep, his songs are so nice that the singer himself was totally engrossed too as he was seen closing his eyes when rendering those heart-wrenching and romantic numbers..

About 90 per cent of his songs were slow to mid tempo but there were a few upbeat songs like `Hung Yat' and `Victory' and also the World Cup (HK version) theme song and he tried to dance a little.. Quite still if u asked me! Although he didn't say much, he had a good sense of humour (probably learned it from his `Zor Lun Yau Lei' partner Alan Tam!) ;) ok, i may be bias :)

The appearance of talented singer-songwriter Ivana Wong added value to the concert. The girl with a mousy spoken voice has such an exquisite and clear voice that when she sings, it can gives you the goosebumps! I love her music and her voice!

It was amazing how popular Hacken is.. (and I thought he was slightly passe already) There was already an encore and he sang all his biggest hits. But when he said bye and went off at almost 11pm, and the lights came on and there was even the announcement that the show had ended, more than half of the audience refused to barge!! Shouts of `encore, encore' resounded until Hacken relented and came out again five minutes later.

This was definitely not planned as it was not in our run-down. And he did look a bit amused but also touched. So finally he sang two more songs ad hoc to satisfy his crazy fans..

It was an enjoyable concert despite the seating woes. Oh well, I decided to be kind and not mention it in my article BUT for once I also purposely left out the organiser's name! hah, such is the power of a pen..

Since it's the first concert at Genting for Annie, we cam-whored with Hacken's bunting outside the stadium after the concert ended... ;)

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