Monday, July 23, 2007

McClane My Hero!!

I know with recent releases of some highly anticipated blockbusters such as Transformers and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, this movie has been somehow eclipsed.

But let me tell you.. this balding, slightly overweight man in his 50s is SO COOL on screen that I think he deserves the action hero award of the year!

Yep, i just watched Die Hard 4.0. I know I'm late but I already made a mental note that I MUST watch it on big screen..

You see I missed the press preview - the production house just emailed invites to the newspaper editor and not me although I was the one who went and interviewed Maggie Q! Then later they promised to post me free passes, but they never came. Oh well, so i thought i might as well go buy ticket..not like I couldn't afford it.

Let me digress a bit.. I have had a good day. I did work - for solid three hours - writing out an article (but still not completed). I returned to my `Starbucks office' at Cheras Selatan, ordered a `Coffee of the Week' Gold Coast - which is one of my favourites and then typed away on my laptop sitting in the comfy arm chair. There weren't many people partly I think because the Internet was down! Yep, but good thing I didn't need the Internet and in a way, it gave me less distraction!

So I worked from 2-ish and stopped at 5pm to catch the 5:15pm movie. The best thing about this shopping mall is that besides having Starbucks and TGV cinemas (and also Jusco and some other shops) is that it is just mere 5 mins drive from my house.. and parking is absolutely free!!

Yeah, i am enjoying such a nice, carefree and flexible lifestyle now that I'm a bit reluctant to give it up.. but i know i can't be doing this my whole life!!

Anyway, back to Die Hard 4.0. i have read some good reviews on it so i had pretty high expectation. But no, I wasn't disappointed at all!! Yes, it's heavily action-packed and some of the stunts were so incredible that you thought `gosh, this is impossible!' but still they were executed so well and shot in a realistic way with minimal CGI effects, and that made it really gripping.

But this movie is not all brawn and no brain. There's a rather intriguing plot although parts of it I must admit were a bit too hi-tech for a IT inept person like me! And there was humour as well as heart-warming moments..

I'm not a Bruce Willis fan - though i remember a good friend of mine from university (she's French) absolutely adored him! But I tell you, John McClane is just way TOO cool!! He's totally fearless, almost bordering madness but he has incredible high principles and integrity. He is extremely fast and smart and he has wits and sense of humour.. he's a loving father and great friend - to the extent he would sacrifice his life for them.. Yeah, he's like your dream action hero (minus the looks.. haha)

But I think at 52, Willis doesn't look bad at all.. very macho and manly if you ask me. ;)

And although i enjoyed very much movies like Transformers and Harry Potter but some how, they don't touch you the way this movie does. It's funny cos it's an action movie!! But really, it's in a league of its own. And if you haven't watched it, I will highly recommend it... in my memory, this is better than all the previous Die Hard movies!

Ok, enough of raving on this movie and Willis.. :p Guess what, my next movie will also be an action movie involving cops! I missed the preview of the Hong Kong action flick `Invisible Target'..and since I interviewed the 3 protagonists over the phone, I am curious to watch it. I also read pretty decent reviews on's touted to be really action-packed too!

Hmm.. then maybe I can compare the action scenes between Hollywood and HK movies..


Carmen and Kim Kee said...

We both watched this action movie prior to watching Harry Potter. For us, we put very high expectation on Harry Potter instead. It turned out otherwise.

Yes, we totally agree with you. We both enjoyed Die Hard 4 so much that we had no time to breathe watching the thrilling actions one after another right from the beginning till the end. Can't believe this Armageddon 'daddy' can really act...

lainey said...

i maaaay just watch this with okm since the 3 of u gave such glowing reviews. on the other hand ... i may be disappointed since i'll be walking into the cinema with pretty high expectations ...!!!

jesscet said...

lainey: don't worry you shouldn't be disappointed. I also had very high expectations cos some movie critic i know gave it very high rating..more so than any movies this summer!

jesscet said...

carmen: yep, the Armageddon `daddy' can act, and can really FIGHT too!! way to go Bruce! ;)