Saturday, July 07, 2007

bored on a `special day'...

A little bit bored from packing so I thought I shall take a break and blog.. after all, today is a SPECIAL DAY as far as the numerical date is concern.


Yep, a date that only comes once in a millennium! And trust The Star Weekender to play up on it.. (hence giving me the idea to write about it, hah!)

True.. Biblically speaking, SEVEN is a significant and indeed the perfect number.. But I'm not one who is so fixated with numbers.. So today, I'm not going out to paint the town red or do something out of the blue (like some may suggest!) To me, it'll just be another normal day.

In fact, I will be home most of the day just to take it easy.. and taking my leisure time to pack for my holiday! Am leaving first thing in the morning tormrrow and I shall be in the Land of Smiles for three days! :)

But shucks! mind is currently quite blank and just can't think of anything to blog about.. looks like this post will deteriorate into ranting..

Got a couple of confessions though. Firstly, I think I have been watching too many movies lately. In the last two months, I think I easily have watched a dozen.. some repeats too ie. Pirates3 and Transformers! Ahh!! Am I turning into a movie freak?

But perhaps more worrying is that I'm getting addicted to this blogosphere - It's now becoming a natural habit - that when I'm in my room, I turn on my P.C., check my emails and then proceed to read blogs.. and this can go on for hours!!

Sometimes I hope I'm living a more purposeful life.. if only I have the will to change it.. but somehow I got the feeling that many others are probably in the same shoes as I am.

Well, at least the coming three days will be different and hopefully will be a refreshing break!!

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