Monday, July 30, 2007

Assorted Updates

No time to write something long and structured. Need to finish concert review fast and yet to start! But guess what, blogging still preceed work!

So what has been happening in the last 4 days? A lot really.. and these are just the `highlights'
  • Have been busy with dad buying furniture for the condo that I'm re-letting out. It was in quite a bad condition after the last tenant left. So we did a bit of refurbishment - flooring, lamps, curtain etc.. and also replaced the furniture in the master bedroom.. So on Thursday we finally completed our furniture shopping! The condo should be fully ready by mid week now! :)
  • Participated in the RBC Women's Bible Conference on Friday evening and Saturday morning - and helped out in worship sessions.. Was really glad I went. It was very timely reminder on the topic of making `choiced choices' and although the messages seemed quite simple and the scriptures familiar, I believe the speaker had touched each of us with the challenging and meaningful encouragement.
  • Drove up to Genting Highland to cover Hacken Lee's concert on Sat nite and had Annie to company me. Well, am not really a fan but he has many tuneful ballads and familiar hits and also, it's his first solo concert on our soil. Will blog more about it hopefully and post pix that I took myself (kneeling on the floor!) Yep, it was very enjoyable although I won't rank him as one of the better performers. Reached home at 1:30am..
  • Ok, I guess I should mention about my on-going `activity' for a week.. It's incredible how so many of my friends managed to finish Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in just a day or two! But I chose to read it `slowly' as I had decided.. so I can savour the book. Well, because of a busy two days I am at page 365 - the chapter on Malfroy Manor. So far it has been pretty good but I know the suspense is just building up...(will be reading more tonite)
  • Guess I should also confess how I've been more addicted to the Net these days thanks to Facebook!! Yep, its addictive, a few of my friends (you know who you are!) are also very active on it. There are many applications including games and all other fun but frivolous stuff!'s like a form of escapism back to my teenage years that i missed out on as computer wasn't part of my life then!

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