Monday, July 16, 2007

the LONGEST concert I ever attended

Have you been to a concert marathon? I just did.

This guy is amazing - and a little crazy. His concert at Putra Stadium on Sat night clocked in FOUR-AND-A-HALF HOUR. Yep it was 4 1/2 hour long!!

I was quite happy when an editor called me on Fri to cover Emil Chau Wakin's 20th Anniversary Concert. I'm not a real fan but I do like some of his songs - especially the ballads. And it's a milestone concert after all.. I can watch it free plus earn a bit. Why not?

But I tell you.. just 10 mins into the concert and I was beginning to regret it. And then as he sang one song after another, and when the time entered into the 2nd hour and then the 3rd... I was really feeling very bored and restless.. I turned to sms (yep, and created my own record for the most sms-es sent in one evening!)

I think I haven't been that bored since Michael Wong a.k.a. Guang Liang's concert. But thank goodness Guang Liang's was the normal length as his songs and his style was much more boring than Emil!

Don't get me wrong. Emil's was not a bad concert at all. In fact, he sang very well and had a great showmanship too. Oh, and he's really funny - had lots of witty lines that made the crowd laugh. But imagine sitting down for four-and-half hour listening to one man singing 80 per cent ballads. Just that. Not even dancers.. and no fancy costumes nor gimmicks..

Ok, I know. This is Emil Chau after all - he is (in Cantonese) `sat lek pai' ie. not the pop idol but an artiste with substance. So of course he didn't need any frills and would sing his heart out.. it is nothing wrong with that. But did her really need to sing for 41/2 hour? What was he trying to prove? (besides, yes, i think he proved that he has the stamina at 46!)

I was quite blur as I didn't know this would be a marathon concert. But I soon found out when I entered the stadium and talked to a fellow journalist. And then Emil himself said the earliest it would end would be midnight! And I was like.. `oh.. no! die!' But I couldn't leave coz I had to write the review!

I did a rough count. He sang around 50 songs. He also has three guest artistes but those segments took not very long.

So guess what time it ended? 12:45am. (The concert started quite on time at 8:15am). I tell you, if this is not a record, I don't know what is. Oh, Emil himself said this was his record! Even Sam Hui's comeback concert in Hong Kong I watched three years ago was ONLY 4 hours. And when he came here, I covered it and it was 3 hour 40 mins.

I salute Emil Chau for his ambition. But under my breath I was also cursing him.

Ok, to be fair, I must say I did enjoy a number of the songs.. while bored stiff by others. But I hope he would know that MORE does not necessarily equals good.. even TOO MUCH of a good thing can be too much after all! (gosh I know I'm ranting but you get what i mean..)

It could have been a GREAT concert. But now, I would only remember it as the LONGEST and most TIRESOME one I've ever been to..

p.s. too bad I can't be this ruthless in my review.. which should be out Wed or Thurs in The Sun.

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HL said...

value for money! but what stamina!