Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Wearing it Light!

Warning: a narcissist post (after all, i'm a histrionic-narcissist) ;)

Two days ago at gym, I was blow-drying my hair after shower and got really frustrated because my hair felt so coarse and was getting tangled up.. It also looked so dry and dull...

Then suddenly, I had the urge to have my hair cut - no, not the usual trim but to have it chopped to shoulder/neck length. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it - yeah, I was getting quite sick and tired of my hairstyle.. So there and then I made up my mind. Yep! it's time to change my hairstyle. After all, I've been wearing my hair long for about three years now.

Being one who just can't wait...(i.e. impatient), I put things into action this afternoon. But not forgetting to take a `farewell' shot of my long hair before I left home..

The `Before' Pix

My hairstylist actually asked me to consider properly as she thought it was quite a `waste' as my hair has grown quite long.. But seeing that I'm already decided, she went ahead and did a pretty good job of it!


Four different `After' Pix

I like it! :) My head suddenly feel so light and I feel so refreshed! Some may think i looked nicer in long hair but it IS time for a change! I think the last time I had hair this length was about four years back..

After all, hair will grow.

I even took a pix of my (old) hair on the floor..:p quite a lot eh?


babe_kl said...

you look very chic now ;-)

lainey said...

i like!

HL said...

haha, it's really nice! did you go to grace salon?

jesscet said...

Thanks folks! (for the reassurance):)

hl: yes, it's grace salon! its the salon i've been to for the longest time in my life!

Anonymous said...

yes, you look good. i always think you look better with short hair.


jesscet said...

chin: oh you think so? i know some ppl who like my long hair better.. but as i say, need a change la! :p