Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Reaping my `rewards'.. :)

God is good.. ! After 8 months of being a freelance contributor, i finally had a taste of some rewards! and yes, i am talking monetary!

Not that i have not gotten any pay before.. but due to the increase workload in the past couple of months, in the last few days, the payment came in almost at the same time - I received one cheque after another!

Hehe, I know it's nothing to gloat about. Just that I feel happy, contented and thankful. It's a feeling I never had during my employed days when I had taken for granted the monthly salary.. Now I am getting `rewarded' per the amount of work I put in.. and in a way, I must say I have worked reasonably hard in the last month and two.. thus the rather generous`rewards'! ;)

And then there is this element of surprise! You see, I didn't know how much I would be getting paid for the various articles by the various publications. Yes, I might have a rough guess but it's always up to their discretion.. And sometimes I get a bit disappointed.. for I felt I was underpaid for certain articles. But this time, I must say I've been pleasantly surprise..

Ok, before you get the idea that I'm a loaded woman, far from it! In fact most of the bucks I made would be used to pay my credit card bills!! And then I need some money for my traveling to Bangkok... and suddenly (this is before getting those cheques) I had an urge to chop off my hair - which is looking so dull and damaged!!

So the extra cash would come in handy.. But now that i know how hard it is to earn money, I won't be blowing everything away like I once used to..

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