Monday, January 15, 2007

Back from a Paradise..

Bali, O Bali...!

Let me tell you.. four days there are definitely NOT enough for a first-time visitor.

And gosh. i don't even know how to begin to blog on the trip.. there are just SO MUCH to tell. Maybe I should start by posting just one pix first.. as a teaser..

My shopping!

Yep it is first and foremost a shopping paradise! Handicrafts from wood and stone carvings to jewelleries to all the knick knacks you can think of are really cheap (compared to here) infinite designs and varieties that a shoppaholic like me just couldn't stop shopping! Well, of course i went sightseeing and did other stuff too :p

Am still exhausted from the trip.. average for me 3-4 hours of sleep (no we did not party till late but just that my sleeping habit is over sensitive for new places) yet I had enough energy to last and to enjoy!

When it came to Sunday itself.. me and my friends were just reluctant to leave.

So did it live up to my imagination and expectation? Definitely and more! And now I know why some friends love it so much and rave about it.. and i regret why it took me so long to go there.. already planning to bring parents back there later in the year (hopefully) as dad is really interested!

Will be posting more pix and talk about interesting things we did on the trip soon..

Here's a nice photo of the three of us.. we were real camwhores! Each of us probably took close to 400 pix each!! But again, there were so much photo opportunities and we are all curious journalists!


babe_kl said...

we loved bali too, so much so were already planning what to do, where to stay before we even leave bali! haha

jesscet said...

you mean planning for your next trip back while still there? haha. so have u returned since?