Tuesday, January 23, 2007

self-induced suffering?

Sigh. guess i have over-estimated my health and recover ability.

After one week of first coming down with sorethroat and fever last Tuesday, i finally decided it is time to visit the doctor.

I have been getting medicines from pharmacist as well as from chinese medicinal shop but looks like it is not working. My illness is more serious than that. This morning, my cough got so bad that i felt i was running out of breath and my chest seemed to hurt..

Then i felt so tired and lethargic - something I have been feeling for days - and so much so that I had no energy to write up my articles even, on of which deadline is tomorrow! Today, although i woke up at noon, i had to go rest again after lunch and only woke up in between to see doctor.. and slept again from 5 to 8:30pm.

I think i cant blame not seeing doctor sooner for this. Basically i have not been resting enough.. In fact, everyday i have been out since i fell ill.. sometimes just a couple of hours but usually longer.

AND on top of that i had not been sleeping early! many of the nights were spent either updating my blog with my Bali updates and uploading photos really took a long time! Somehow to me that was so important to do that i was even willing to sacrifice my health for it!!


Doctor seemed to take my illness quite seriously.. asked me lots of questions like "do you have fever on and off? do you have body ache? hows your appetite? etc.." and then he told me that I had virul infection after looking into my throat.. BUT added that he did not rule out dengue! You see, he just had two patients in the neighbourhood who had dengue and one of them died..!

So, after prescribing me loads of medicines - antibiotic and five others - he said if i still do not get better by Sat, i have to go back to him for a thorough medical examination - urine, blood test etc..


But somehow I do not believe it is dengue.. for one i hardly have fever - only twice in the whole week and quite mild. and i have not been bitten by mossies lately at all.. at least I didnt feel it.. whatever it is though, I know i cant take my health for granted..

Hope the anti-biotics and med work. I want to feel alive and energetic again! I want my voice back.. and I miss gym!

Going to sleep soon despite getting lots of sleep today. I am still ill. And I need LOADS of rest.

footnote: it s so annoying.. suddenly i can t type the apostrophe sign on my keyboard!! other letters and symbols are normal, except the arrows and the stroke.. anyone know how to solve the problem?

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