Tuesday, January 23, 2007

a writer's dream..

Have been semi-ill for the past week or so. Thank God it wasn't a full-blown flu but from sorethroat and slight fever it has now developed into persistant coughing and hoarse voice. Maybe it's the medicine i'm taking or maybe just the reason of not feeling well, i've been feeling tired and sleepy easily.. even my owl-like sleeping habit has been broken, which may be a good thing..

But, but.. i feel SO unproductive. You see, this week I have three full-length feature stories to be submitted to three different magazines.. yeah, they're part of my rather leisurely freelance work. But heck, deadlines are really looming and I'm no where near completion. Well, at least the intereviews are done but i seem to be having writer's block from this bad cough.. or just feeling plain lethargic and unmotivated.

Yeah, it can't really be writer's block or else i won't be writing this post! I am quite a natural writer I know that but..

Speaking of writing. I went for a ex-colleague's book launch this afternoon at Borders. He has shared with me his book draft many many years ago and i could see it wasn't an easy path to get the book completed and published. He hardly mention about it in recently years.. and thus i was kinda surprised when i heard from someone that he's launching the book today!

What is more remarkable for him is that he actually got the subject's mother to launch the book. he has written a motivational book based on his childhood (and adulthood) hero Sylvester Stallone and his movies - especially the Rocky series, drawing life principles from Stallone the star (who incidentlly had a very tough childhood due to physical disabilities) He even went all out to sent the book to Stallone's mother Jacqueline and the action star himself.

At the launch/press conference, I could sense how proud and happy this author was for it was a journey that started almost 20 years ago.. and yet he has finally made it.

Congratulations, Gerald. It's great to see that you didn't give up your belief and ideals and finally achieved your dreams. And thanks for calling me up to share your joyous day. It has been an inspiration to me.. for someone who has started a so-called book of my own and had never even touch it in the last 8 years or so.. it is not even one-quarter on the way..

For 10 years, I told myself i really wanted to continue to write it and then get it published.. the experience i wanted to write meant a lot to me, for I won't be where I am now. And for it will be a great testimony about how God has worked in my life.

But alas, I think I don't have half of Gerald's will power and perserverance.. (he wrote for weeks non-stop and finished his first draft!) i'm so easily distracted by other things such as the Internet, or even my blog! - they're probably the biggest stumbling block to my book-writing journey.

You don't even have to talk about writing a book.. reading a book is a bit like a chore now for me.

Sigh...It's quite sad.

But again, I know if I want to, I could do it - like what my proud author friend signed in his book - just `Go For It!'

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