Friday, January 19, 2007

Fashionable two Js ;)

Among the many things I bought from Bali were two fashion items for Jojo and Jelly!

I chanced upon this little shop called Dogs Tail in Seminyak, it sells a range of dog's fashion items! But the prices weren't cheap. But so cute that I just had to pamper my dogs. So I slected a pretty cotton apron dress for Jelly and a blue motif scarf for Jojo. Being a big-sized dog who is scared of heat, I reckoned clothings will be too much for Jojo.

While Jojo takes to his new gift quite well (since it's more or less like a collar) I think Jelly prefers to be naked rather than be clothed. She seemed uncomfortable in times even rolling on the floor. Poor thing. So after a while I took it off and will probably only let her wear it on the first day of CNY! ;)

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