Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bali High...

I have been wanting to go to Bali for the last couple of years already... but somehow due to one reason and another, it never materialised. And I only listened in envy from friends who had been there..

So you can imagine my excitemet now.. because, I am fianlly going to Bali! I'll be going tomorrow (or today rather) till Sunday!!

Since I have quit my job, I was adament this time that by hook or by crook I must make it there this time. And then I asked two fellow-journo friends along and were glad to know they were just as game as me to travel. As I was the free one, I did all the planning and bookings - and managed to get a pretty good deal - Air Asia return and four-nights accommodation in a 3-4 star hotel for just RM753 each! Cool! ;)

We more or less have set a rough iteninary.. we will be staying in Kuta at the quaint Poppies Cottage, and plan to visit Ubud, some temples in Tanah Lot, Uluwatu, maybe the volcanoes and of course to pamper ourselves at spa, go shopping and eating etc.. From my travel guide, there are just so much to see and do in Bali and our four days there won't be sufficient.. But I told myself this will just be my introductory trip there and I would definitely go back again. Even dad is interested so maybe will bring parents there next time!

Now that I have heard so much and read so much about Bali, I just hope when I am really there, it will live up to my expectation.. or perhaps I should try to contain my excitement a bit..

I think I'm not a very good packer. While packing for four days, I ended up packing things in my room - like all my t-shirts (tonnes of them), skincare, accessories and toilettry bags etc.. I really have too many junk!!

Back to Bali.. I was initially concerned for January is rainy season there. But when I checked the weather forecast on three different websites, they all predicted dry days ahead - albeit cloudy! Hooray, that's great news.. thank God :)

Oh, I think I've really caught the travel bug! Air Asia has just started its 1 million free seats promotion and as I was just sharing this with a friend, we decided to just go book a holiday later in the year! Well, it says RM0 for the flight but of course it is not really free cos there is the tax.. still it's pretty cheap flights that one would never get with another airline..

We plan to go to Bangkok in July.. the website must have so much traffic that I had problem completing the booking and had to try many times! Finally the booking was done!

And now, think I'm on my `Bali high' for my long-awaited holiday! :D

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