Thursday, January 25, 2007

Torrential Rain!

This is Rain - a 24-year-old bloke from Korea who is taking Asia by storm - and will be sweeping Kuala Lumpur this weekend with the largest ever concert to be held in our country - so promised the organiser.

Unless you have been living in a monastry of some kind, you would not fail to be bombarded by the ever-going on ads on TV and radio, as well as billboards to announce this young pop king's arrival to our shore for a one-night concert as part of his `Rain's Coming' World Tour.

And why am i publicising this concert? No, i'm not a fan of Rain. I think I might be if i'm like 20 years younger.. ok, make that 15 years ;) But like almost everyone who enjoys entertainment, you can't deny that Rain's performance IS something. I mean, the way he dances, the way he moves his body, the way he heats up the stage with his sheer presence - it is unprecedented as far as Asian entertainers are concerned.

This guy is just 24!! And started off as a not so famous actor on television. And suddenly in the last two years, he has created such a storm, so much so that even Time magazine named him as the top 100 influential people in the world (the only artiste form Asia) Hmm.. could it be the name Rain that has brought him luck?

Anyway, yours truly will be hit by the Rain fever this Sat. You see, being an ent. journalist at heart, I won't want to miss out this historical concert. But no I am not gonna pay for someone I don't really know! So the way to go was to cover the story for a publication, and that proved to be not difficult. So much so that it ended up I'm not just covering for one publications but two! A magazine, and a newspaper. That also means more work... and some `sacrifices'.

(btw, Rain is so hot that the concert organisers are not giving out any comp tix to the media at all this time!)

Rain will be holding a press conference on Sat itself. And I was asked to go - well, I would like to go myself too. But the time clashes with my vocal class that I've already missed once this term due to travelling. Sigh.. work being work (althoug it is freelance work), and it's Rain and not any so-called stars.. so after just minutes of deliberations in my head, I promised the magazine ed that I would go for Rain's pc too.

Good thing I made that decision for the newspaper ed also called me to attend both the PC and the concert. And for the paper, I need to file in a newstory on Saturday evening itself to be out in the paper the following day! That means I have to write the story before hand - thank goodness it's just a short captions story - as I won't want to go to the office after the concert! Will have to brief the news editor on the story too from the stadium. And from experience, it's impossible to talk on the phone due to the loudness of the music. we could only sms.

Quite a lot to juggle on Saturday and then have to start working on stories for the paper and the magazine the following days..

All thanks to Rain.

So, the concert better be as explosive as everyone has touted it to be, and Rain himself better blow me away to make me feel doing all these hard work is worth while!

p.s. as of now, i feel quite a lot better but the cough is quite persistent still.. hope i'll be fit enough to handle Rain on Sat!


boo_licious said...

Hope u get better. Ms. C will be envious of you as she loves Rain but she's flown off to Tokyo already.

jesscet said...

thanks, feeling better but still tired.. eh? didnt know our friend is into Rain!! haha.

Crankshaft said...

You hate to admit it but you love the guy. :)

Rain is currently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for his World Tour.

Oh, but he is gorgeous...

jesscet said...

crankshaf: haha, i like your logic. well, i don't think `love' is the right word. just curious and attracted maybe.

so i see u're a fan. did u manage to see him in concert?