Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Before i post on my fascinating Bali trip, here is a narcissist `commercial break'.

Came across a Loreal promotion at MVM yesterday. It was really quite a good promotion and on top of the free products is a free make-over photo shoot! I thought why not go for it just for fun. Ok, i did get distracted and didn't end up going to gym after all.. :p

So, about half-an-hour of make-up, hair-styling and putting on a coat of my choice, I was instructed to do a few `vain-like' poses by the photographer..


This was the best of the lot (about a dozen poses with two outfits) Someone commented I look like a movie star! Hehe. that's how much make up and photoshop touch up could do!

I was given a A4 size print of the above, but I need to pay another 10 bucks to have the CDrom.

Incidentally I had gone for a make-over photoshoot in late 1997 when I interviewed Starz Image Consultant (now no longer here). Having the perks of a journalist, I was offered a free make-over which took 3 hours all in - made me feel like I'm taking a bridal shoot sans a groom! And yes, i have an album full of photos in many different images, costumes and poses.
(unlike Loreal, we were just given one free but need to pay a lot more for more prints)

Here is one that I scanned into my computer (at that time, CDRom wasn't popular yet)

Hmm.. looking at it, I think I hadn't aged much in 10 years eh? what u say? ;)


Lim Chang Moh said...

Hi Jesscet: Wow, you look absolutely gorgeous in the makeover. Like A HK Movie Star! So what r u up to now? R u working for TheSun?

jesscet said...

thanks for the compliments Mr Lim :) (but also thanks to the photo touch up!)

I'm still having my break and doing some freelance writing. no, am not working with the sun, just contributing.