Friday, January 19, 2007

Jelly loves her joy ride!

Little (fat) Jelly has an affinity for cars.. or more like for car rides.

She would jump into a car whenever the car door is open, maybe hoping to be taken somewhere interesting!

Early this morning, I took her with me into the car to send off dad and mom to the airport. It would have been her longest car ride ever - a total of one-and-a-half-hour to and fro KLIA..

And what a cool and calm passenger she proved herself to be! On the way there, she quietly sat on the floor space by my feet (since I was sitting at the back) While coming back, she just sat and mostly lay on the passenger seat quietly.. without disturbing me at all.. and really seemed to be enjoying the ride!

Oh, must mentioned when we reached the departure hall and I took her down while dad took down the luggages, she was all excited and ready to charge and even tried to pounce on a man (fortunately he was an Indian :P) Her usual wild behaviour!

But once she's inside the car, she is all steady and good. Even when we reached home and I opened the door to get down, she remained still on her seat.. hoping to go for another round of joy ride!

And I practially had to drag her down after a few minutes!

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