Wednesday, June 17, 2009

FINALLY!!! We've got a wire-less home!

Life has been pretty boring and mundane in the last fortnight.. thus a little excitement is welcome.

Today, this `excitement' arrived in the form of... *drum roll*.. the successful set up of our WiFi connected house!!!

Yes, FINALLY!!! Seriously I never imagined it would have taken that long and that much problem.. ONE whole month and SIX visits by the computer technician, and all the sufferings of getting limited Internet connections... if FINALLY works.. YEESSS!!!

After the fifth attempt at setting up the system, I was almost giving up already and actually told him to forget about the (ever problematic) new system, I want a refund and just do it the ancient manual way - get a cable to run from the modem upstairs to my pc downstairs..

But today, I got some good news.. he had managed to find out the solution from the proper channel for sure.. and even had tested the system up. So ya, after some time of configuration, it WORKED for my home too!

To think of it, I'm glad Patrick has far more patience and perseverance than me.. I mean I feel quite bad of the amount of time and effort, not mentioning the petrol and tolls cost with all these visits.. But he's so optimistic that even after all that he had to go through, he said he learned something new - cos it's a new generation of the system.

So now I can finally settle into my new SoHo.. and do things on the Net from my PC that's full of photos and stuff.. but more importantly, I hope working here can be more productive..

But on the other hand, now that I can access Internet at every corner of my house.. would it mean this will feed onto my already bad Internet addiction!??? :S

p.s. I will take some photos of my SoHo and update my blog soon again..

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