Thursday, June 25, 2009

My two Js' birthdays again..!!

I'm a bad mommy! I almost forgot to blog about the two Js' birthday this month!!

Well, Jelly's 5th birthday was on June 7th and at that time my PC downstairs (where the photos are) had no Internet access.. so it's a good excuse for the delay :p

For the first time, Jelly had the honour of having a cake - or rather sharing half a cake - as my maid Wati's birthday was just a day earlier than hers!

So we had a joint celebration of sort.. :)

The two birthday girls! Wati adores the two Js - she's really good with them, which is a relief for me also..

Dad takes this photo of us with the two Js but just realise that Jojo was too low down.... so, another shot as follow!
Yup, not easy to get the two Js to pose for photos together!!

Oh, tomorrow Jojo is turning 6! Yes, he's well into his middle age now.. and sometimes i really wish he would not grow old so fast! Since i've been kinda bogged down with work, I didn't go out and get anything for Jojo.. but I saved some very nice pork ribs in the soup for him to eat tomorrow..

Sigh, tomorrow is another busy day so i don't really get to spend time with Jojo on his birthday..
but it's a relief that he doesn't know is his birthday.. hehe.. :p


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~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Happy Birthday, Wati and Jelly! Yes, I remember Wati from the SPCA Christmas party. Jojo was trying to take Wati for a walk then. I love Jojo and Jelly, they are so cuddly and nice to hold -- plenty of love handles!