Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lee Hom's Harassing Concert!!

Warning: rant post - not a concert review

This was my 4th time watching the extremely talented, uber-cute `music-man' in concert. And the first time I paid for it. But.. it would go down to be the most `memorable' one - for the wrong reasons.

No no, not that I didn't like this concert - Lee Hom was still in his element and the concert was in anyway a success. And it was fun watching with friends than going alone as member of the media. But throughout the concert, we were so disturbed and harassed by some inconsiderate audience as well as securities and organiser's staff!!

This is my ticket. It's the 2nd most expensive at RM318 but I got a slight discount. With that amount of money we paid, the seat was so far away from the stage! Initially I thought I got pretty good seats as they were in the centre - BUT our views were partially blocked by a huge fan which was not even on, AND by people who chose to lean against the barricades..

It was so frustrating when our limited view was kept being blocked by people walking across the aisle and in between sections.. It's hard to explain how the seating was like but trust me, I kinda regretted getting those seats and not the ones more towards the sides.. we were totally EXPOSED to disturbances!

Shortly after the concert proper start - there were opening acts by local artistes (Danelle Lee was ok but I could not stand the other new female artiste whose voice was shrilling ) I had to start telling some people that they were blocking our views. But not long after, other people did the same.. I think I ended up going up three times, and Lynn did it once.

And throughout the concert, people in front of us were sneaking to take photographs - which were strictly prohibited. And each time some security guards saw people with their camera up, they walked along the aisle and shone a torch light to them. From where we sat, people walking along the aisle unfortunately blocked us!! And other time, the staff and securities just stood where ever they liked, never thinking that they could be blocking some of us who have paid a hefty amount to watch our `idol' perform!

I was thinking if they really wanted to be so strict about it, they should have consficated their cameras before hand. Well, they did say no camera allowed but there wasn't proper search and even three of us got our cameras inside just that we were decent enough to comply with the rules and not cause trouble for others.

Then came the `highlight' of the evening.. suddenly about 3/4 through the concert, a whole gang of securities suddenly surrounded the barricades near where we sat. And guess what, our view of the stage was COMPLETELY blocked!! This arouse the anger of not just us but also some other audience in the area. And trusting yours truly being the vocal one, I immediately walked forward and told one of them. But the reply I got was they were told to do so and I could talk to Galaxy (the organiser) if I wanted. Sure, I demanded to see Galaxy staff and I found a girl near by and as I complaint to her, she was courteous enough and told me the reason was that Lee Hom was going to appear inside the fenced up barricade area soon. And it's only for a short while those securities had to be there. Ok, point taken, I went back to my seat.

But guess what, some inconsiderate people in front decided to stand up and further blocked our view even of the screen! I was so cheesed by then that I decided to stand near the barricade myself.. but not blocking anyone, and getting a good standing room to see Lee Hom when he appeared there. But straight away one security asked me sternly to sit down. I ignored him. And then another tall one just walked towards me, stood so close to me where his stomach almost touched my chest (yes, he was tall), with a menacing look, he growled and shouted rudely at me to sit down.

How dare he, I looked back at him and shouted back that he was too rude. Well, not wanting to provoke further as he definitely was much bigger size than me, I returned to my seat but not before I said I was going to report him. The Galaxy girl came to pacify me but I told her I demanded an apology. The guard was unmoved - real cocky!! So i took note of his name on his name tag.

Then shortly after, Lee Hom did appear and everyone scrambled forward and surrounded the barricade. At least that half a minute or so of seeing Lee Hom close-up was a consolation of sort. But inside, I was still fuming and my mood definitely spoilted to certain extent. I missed almost one entire song and dance because of the rude security guard!!

I felt I have the right to complain to Galaxy the organiser (where I know some of the ppl there from work) - since it was not comp tix but I bought three tickets from them!

After the Encore, all hell broke loose. We could not see anything seated down as people all stood up and some even walked to the front. So I turned and told my friends - `if we can't beat them, join them'. So we walked to just behind the most expensive seating area and found a spot where we could see the stage.

And now, even the securities are finally taking their break and not asking people to sit down or shooed them when they take photos. So finally I also snapped some pix but effect was bad.

Lynn and Evonne were totally enamoured by Lee Hom as you can see.. ;)

Oh well, all in all it was a good concert and Lee Hom certainly did not disappoint, although some how I remembered enjoying his `Heroes on Earth' concert better. It would have been much enjoyable for me (and my friends too) if not for all those disturbances and some explosive moments - and I don't mean the many fireworks they had.

Actually i am dead tired but somehow I just had to let it all out.. Although the concert production was pretty much flawless, the same cannot be said about the floor organising - especially the type of staff and security the organiser had employed. Oh another thing, the music was blaring loud and really deafening for the 1st part of the show!!

I think I will still complain but in a calm manner - as a customer and not as member of the press for once. I'll think twice now before being so enthusiastic to fork out money to get so called expensive seats that were actually lousy!

Ok, i can go sleep in peace now..

p.s. for a proper review but from a swooned fan, go to Lynn's blog ;)

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