Thursday, April 23, 2009

Family Holiday in Wuyishan

Wuyi Mountain in Fujian, China

Gorgeous scenery ya.. This is where I'll be going for a family holiday this weekend till early next week. Don't really know much about it and plan to read up a bit before flying off on Saturday!

It'll also be the first time since our studying days that the four of us - dad, mom, sis and me - go on a holiday together! Since she got hitched quite soon after and it's always with bro-in-law and then the kids too.. it'll be kinda dejavu hehe..

I have a few more holidays in plan after this.. Hong Kong end of next month to celebrate Miu Miu and Sean's birthdays; the Rainforest Music Fest, and hopefully Bali too.. before a one-month missions work stint in Kunming, China in September. More on that later..

Meanwhile, am looking forward to the fantasy-like scenery of Wuyi Mountain.. hopefully i'll be inspired enough to blog about it too!!


lainey said...

that's beautiful scenery - and to think that it's in fujian, my 'ancestral' state. would love to visit someday - and mebbe go see my grandparents' villages. :P

lainey said...

have a wonderful time with the family :)

jesscet said...

Ya, indeed it's lovely - quaint and peaceful and a great place for nature lovers!

and thanks, I did have a great time - a nice more leisurely holiday which ppl don't do much in China! :)