Friday, April 10, 2009

Amazing Awesome Adam

Presenting the next American Idol - Adam Lambert!

Yup, mark my word.

He is by far the most talented and a bomb of a performer.. Adam is in a league of his own. Not that others aint good but he is just far superior.

He has superb showmanship, and that's complemented by really amazing vocal as well..On top of it, this man simply exudes charisma and charm... a true artiste at heart, and a versatile one too!

One week, we would see him dressed up in punk-rock style belting and dancing to `I Can't Get No Satisfaction' or `Black & White'; and then he would suddenly turn into a demure gentleman crooning the most heart-felt and haunting tunes of `Tracks of My Tears' or `Mad World'. He even took the risk to present his own daring love-it-or-hate-it Middle-eastern sensual version of `Ring of Fire'.

Whatever songs, whatever genre or style he sang, he did them with such aplomb that the performance just stood out among the rest. So much so even the cynical Simon Cowell would give him a standing ovation!

Gosh, I can't help but admire such sheer talent! He is miles better than many established recording artistes out there! And it helps that he's pretty cute.

(ok, so certain `evidences' may point to his curious sexual preference.. but gay or straight, what really wow us is him the singer/artiste)

I can shower praises on and on. 'Coz ya, I have a confession to make.. I'm totally obsessed with Adam Lambert! For so many nights, I've been browsing YouTube, Googling and scanning Amercian Idol website just to listen to him, watch his video and read news about him..

Call me biased if you wish, but I also have met many others who aren't crazy about him yet could not deny that he's simply brilliant

So, thank you Adam Lambert, American Idol Season 8 is so much more a pleasure and excitement to watch just because of you.

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