Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jojo's approaching old age.. :(

Today I brought Jojo to the vet for his annual vaccination. The nice lady vet petted his head and said: `oh, Jojo's getting old.. can see white fur growing.."

Ohhhh... ! It suddenly hit me that Jojo ain't young anymore. :(

(errr.. can you spot any white fur on his brow?)

He'll turn six in June. For a large breed dog, that's half the lifespan..

The vet then asked me about his movements.. Well, to be honest, I was getting a bit concerned as I noticed he likes to sit down much more than standing up.. And sometimes when I play with him, he would take opportunity to rest and sit.. although he still could run pretty fast!!

The vet said I should start giving him supplements for the joints. I asked if it's necessary to start now as he's actually more in middle-age than old age. But she said it's better to prevent than cure and also because of his large size.. in fact, he's showing some signs of weak hips and thigh..

Of course I wanted the best for my dear Jojo.. so I heeded her advice and bought a bottle of supplements! But little did I expect that it is so expensive!! Even much more than human vitamins/supplements!

It was priced at RM305.90 and she rounded it off at RM300. Ouch! But it will last four months..

I know it's only natural that any living beings would grow old but I always have this fear of my dogs entering old age.. especially after watching Marley&Me. I dread to think of the day I'll have to face Jojo and Jelly in deteriorating conditions that eventually lead to their deaths... I don't know how I am going to take it.. :((

Sigh.. But in the mean time, I know I must be a good mommy and give them all my love and also take care of their welfare to the best..

Here are the two Js in pensive moods

And by the dining table while I was eating! :)


Anonymous said...

your doggies are really so endearing. wuyishan i went 15 years ago. you will cruise down a river on a bamboo raft as the guide tells you all about the strange formations of the mountain that looks like legendary figures. there is a part where you can see ancient coffins i think on cliffs as burial in the old old days were in caves. of course, they will take you to tea farms to taste the best tea of china. lovely trip. make the best of the trip, john tiong

jesscet said...

John, you have good memory indeed! The bamboo raft cruise was one of the highlights and i also saw those coffin holes (but the coffins from down there) however, I think the `tien yu' climb is still the most memorable for me!

And thanks, i had a great holiday! :)