Thursday, April 02, 2009

Getting There.. :)

It's been quite a long hiatus - two weeks and two days to be exact! It is a record for me in my 3-year-11-months of blogging, and I really thought I have lost it totally and couldn't blog again..

And then, I suddenly had the inspiration to blog while I was in gym this evening. Regrettably, it had even been a longer hiatus as far as gym is concerned. The last time I went was before Chinese New Year!

I was really not motivated and wanted to skip again but then I couldn't go home since I had a class this evening at church.. I made myself go and I ended up wishing I had longer time!!

Due to time constraint, what I did was 20 minutes of cardio, 5 minute of sit-up and 5 minutes of stretching. That's all.

And it was while I was doing stretching in front of the mirror that I felt I have achieved something pretty significant.. I no longer cringe when I look into the mirror!!

In the past, I just hated to look at the layers of fat around my midriff.. Every time I looked into the mirror sitting down stretching, I was reminded how I really need to lose weight. Well, I have been on this `program' for almost two months now.. and I must say the results are showing!

Okay, I'm definitely not trim and slim but my top had even became so lose that I could hardly see those bulges on my tummy!

For the record, I have lost 7.5kg (around 17 pounds) so far... my waistline alone has drop about 7cm (2 3/4 inch.) :))

So how did I do it? Well, there's no secret. I had admitted that losing weight is a real battle for me for I really lack will-power and discipline and simply love to eat! Although i knew the theoretical side of dieting and all, I found it so hard to do it.

The last straw was when I tried to put on my jeans one night and found out that ALL of them were too tight to even buckle up! I really had ballooned up over the festive season, and I knew I had to do something about it.

So the next day, I signed up for a slimming course at a new centre - not a well known one but I went because the person in charge there knows a lot about the slimming industry and they have very advanced machines as well as great variety of treatments.

Of course, you only need to sacrifice time for the treatments BUT you need a lot of discipline and will power to follow the diet.. and to my amazement, I did.

First I was put on a detox diet where my food consumption were limited to fish, eggs, oats, salad vegetables and fruits. That went on for more than a week and then I was allowed to have seafood, tofu and other types of vegetables.. and it's not really rigid, when I was away at camp, i could have lean meat too.

I guess how I could survive with the diet was that I'm encouraged to be creative with the meals.. and they even gave suggestions. I can have vegetable soup, fish in oat porridge and cawan mushi (steamed egg) for instance. Only thing I have spent quite a lot extra to buy vegetables, fruits and fish.

Anyway.. all this paid off as I noticed my weight and inches gradually dropping.. I could wear those jeans again, and some of my clothes became lose even! And people also noticed.

Just now in fact, a group of ladies from church `cornered' me and were so amazed how I managed to lose weight. So I told them honestly..

I'm glad that by now I feel I am comfortably in handling my diets these days. I can actually eat most food, but in smaller quantity of course. Of course I still have to avoid the real fattening ones like deep fried stuff and fats..

I'm only about half-way through the treatments.. and I still plan to lose more.. at least another 5kg! Trust me, I was really quite overweight so I would still not be averagely-slim after that!!

Let me lose a little more and then I shall pose some (narcissitic) pix.. hehe.. :p

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Dancing Viv said...

wow, congrats....I am FINALLY back on my diet too (the one I stuck to when I lost 20kg in 2 years) breaking point was when I saw the photos of the dance production I was in this year and realized I had piled on TOO much weight after so you think you can dance (which I really let loose of myself) and from my year end stagnant period and from CNY....

so now like u, my diet is pretty much turkey breast, salmon, fish, lean chicken and A LOT of vegetables and fruits. I also eat oats, eggs, natural yoghurt and I drink a lot of water, green tea and occasionlly sugar free juices and diet coke.

Lets see how much weight we'll shed :)