Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jelly in a T-shirt! :)

Bought Jelly a new t-shirt today!!

I always thought she's too big for those cutie dog clothes but i actually found her size in Jusco supermarket. It was a tad bit expensive (RM31.90) but i think she looks good in this colour - and the style is simple too!!
At the beginning after I put it on, she was twitching and rolling on the floor.. After all, she was not used to it as she only had two pieces of clothings - a santa suit when she was a pup, and a apron dress which she hardly wears and outgrows it already..
But after 5-10 mins or so, she got used to it.. After all, its such comfortable cotton fabric and it's a cool night.. So ya, she is now sound asleep wearing her new t-shirt. hehe..
Now I need to send her for grooming soon.. her fur is getting too long!


Anonymous said...

Jelly looks cute with the T-shirt. More dog like.


jesscet said...

what do u mean `more dog like'? hmm you are saying she didn't look like a dog before?