Sunday, March 01, 2009

Just an update of loose thoughts..

It's weird how you always feel time has stretched when you're going through out-of-ordinary eventful happenings.. The week when Ah Nei fell critically ill leading up to her demise and funeral seemed so long..

It's been a week since her funeral. And time just zooms by again.. it feels quite scary.

At least things are getting back to normal, or routine one shall say.

But even though the last couple of years Ah Nei's movement was restricted mostly to her room, I still could feel the odd emptiness especially when I passed her room. Her hospital bed had been cleared, her wardrobe emptied and now given to one of the maids.. Her left over pampers, food and medical stuff have also been given away, though not all. A photo of her (the one we used for obituary and funeral rites) is now placed on the desk..

Sometimes, it feels weird to think that she is no longer around.. she's gone. For good...

As for myself, writing work has not really picked up well since end of last year.. I sometimes fear that I'm gradually losing it.. that if I can't even write a post in my blog, how bad a writer I am.. I hope to be more proactive and have some luck in this area.. but in the meantime, I'm also thankful that I have a retainer job helping out a theatre company as publicist/ press officer of sort. And now the first show of this year is opening this week.. so things are getting more busy.

Met up with my accompanist this afternoon - a pretty brilliant pianist who could sight-read brilliantly. Yes, I'll be sitting for my first vocal exam in June and I really need to work quite hard on the pieces! At the same time, after four Italian lessons, I still think I've remembered very little.. :( I have bought some dictionaries and notebooks for vocabs and grammars - similarly to how I learned French years back.. So you can't say I'm idle after all..

Oh, to think of it, I have not posted on my slimming endeavour this time! Without divulging too much, just say that it's a serious one. As in I paid quite a bit and so far.. in just two-and-a-half week, I have managed to lose about 3.8kg already - and inches off the body of course..

(But at the moment, I won't disclose much details.. perhaps later!)

Will be going for the CCF alumni camp this weekend! It should be fun and nostalgic, and hopefully fodder for more interesting posting!

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