Friday, May 29, 2009

Short update: HK shopping spree!!

Am finally leaving Hong Kong back home tomorrow morning! It's been a week but feels longer than usual.. 

As I partly intended it to be - this has truly been a SHOPPING TRIP!  In my subconscious, in a way it was to reward myself after slimming down quite a bit - BUT I think I've gone a bit overboard!!

I don't even dare to total up the amount I've spent.. just say I really need to tighten up when I go home.

To think of it, I didn't go to that many places. Here're where I went roughly:  
 Sun: shop at the mall at my sis' condo; Mon: Stanley Market; Tue: Tai Ku Shing; Wed: Central & Causeway Bay; Thur: Central (again); Fri: Central (again! and Admiralty) 

So what have I bought? Of course the biggest investment (hopefully will become a gift from mom) is the iPod Touch.  As many places were on Sale, I ended up buying at least 20 or more pieces of apparels, a couple of shoes and bags, accessories and other nick-knacks..  My huge suitcase is packed to the brim.. :S

Since I'm using my sis' PC I can't really load any photos of my own..  Am glad to know the WiFi connection back home has been fixed!! :)

Till then.. tata from Fragrant Harbour!

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