Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I Heart my new SoHo!! (but no Internet yet..)

This post was written last night in my new SoHo - without Internet

I'm beginning a new lifestyle with my own new SoHo! :)

Yes, thanks to dad’s support and initiative, we’ve converted Ah Nei’s last room downstairs (she passed on in February) We have emptied the room and had and bought a set of desk and chairs – very economical too..

This morning the desk set arrived. And then I did something impulsive and drastic – I disconnected my own wireless Internet as I suddenly had the impulse to shift my whole desktop from my room to the new home-office ie. SoHo.
I forgot I needed extra wiring which was done at my room desk.. but it’s too late, I have moved everything. So now, I have been Internet-less for the last seven hours.

I love this new study room.. It’s cosy and private – and the desk is HUGE and with extra storage place for just work-related stuff. And of course all computer-linked gadgets come down too, as well as some ornamental decorations.. looks pretty homey already! (Will upload a pix soon when Internet is up!) But it’s not completed as we intend to paint the wall.. And of course I need to call up Streamyx to install the wiring. Hopefully they can do it ASAP like tomorrow itself else I need to borrow’s Starbucks wireless to complete my work.

It’s amazing how addicted and dependent I’ve become to the Internet

I just found out something..I won’t be able to be connected in my room anymore as the modem/router can only serve a certain area/distance. We have thick walls and my room is upstairs. I’ve tried before the other way round and there was no signal. Oh well, that means I have to make do with no Internet connection in my bedroom. Which will actually serve me better…

Right now (11:45pm Tues) I gave up doing my work – as I needed more inspiration and more importantly info which I have yet to obtain. And I’m dead tired as I hardly slept last night no thanks to the mossies and also many things in my mind. I am listening to music through ITune – and just chilling out..

I love being alone here at this time.. and I want to go back to bed not distracted with the Internet!

p.s. can't update travel post coz too busy and also no Internet.. later..


lingyadelaide said...

cousin dearie, maybe try to subscribe the usb modem thingy if u're the only one in the house accessing to the internet. *wink*

jesscet said...

my dad is also accessing the Internet now! ;) will be using wireless router like before but still waiting for technician to come.