Friday, May 15, 2009

'Tis Singing Week!

It's the week of American Idol's semi-finals where the remaining contestants belted it out to get themselves into the Finale spot!! And of course I was glued to the screen to cheer my darling Adam Lambert on.

But over in this corner of the world.. I'm also experiencing a singing overdose of sort. To think of it, from Monday to Sunday, I would have sung five solid sessions!!

You see, I have extra singing classes because my first recital for my first vocal exam is this Saturday - ie. tomorrow!! And coincidentally I've been rostered to lead church worship this Sunday and we need to practise and rehearse.

Of course in between I also have to practice at home - not so much for worship songs but for my recital!

Normally I won't be so bothered with that much singing but the problem was I had just recovered from quite a terrible cold last weekend which had somehow affected my voice a bit. I had since been nursing my throat with expensive Hanuka honey - about 4-5 times a day!

So on Monday afternoon, after a not well-rested Sunday night, I managed to appease my vocal teacher after last Wed's quite disastrous effort. Thanks to my pianist' guidance and extra class last Friday, I have improved quite a bit since. And on Wed we went through the songs again but had to be accompanied (two songs) by my teacher's wife since my accompanist can't make it for the rehearsal. I think after going through a few times, sounded ok. Meanwhile, the two other songs have been recorded.

Btw, I'll be singing four song for my First Concert Certificate examination by Trinity College, London.

Just for the record, these are the four songs in order which I will be singing
  1. Se tu Ma'mi - Italian aria by Perisoti
  2. Have You Seen but the Whyte Lilie Grow - 16th century English song
  3. Angels, Ever Bright and Fair - from Theodora by Handle
  4. I Could have Danced All Night - from `My Fair Lady' musical!
This Saturday's recital is orgnised by my teacher as a `trial exam' of sort for his students taking exams. I have to dress formally and sing it as if it's the real thing. And yes, there is an audience. In fact, I've asked mom and dad (but dad has some important appointment) as well s some friends most of them are interested in singing - i think! It shall be a good practice for myself and I hope to get some comments too even not technical things.

Then there is the singing in church. We had a two-and-a-half-hour practice at church last night - covering nine songs. I tried to save my voice and not sing long but still, maybe I wasn't using enough support but I think mostly to do with my still not stable vocal/throat, by the end of the night I felt my vocal chord very tired.. so much so I didn't want to speak.. but when I woke up today, it's much better.

So ya, after Saturday afternoon, I still have to save my voice for Sunday morning worship - two sessions of it for the two services!!

No, I am not complaining about all the singing.. In fact I love it but just a bit concern that I'm not overdoing it.. oh well, I just have to take care of my voice and talk less!! :p

Borrowing the line from one of my exam songs (and twisting it a bit) , I'm crooning.. :

"I could have sung all night... I could have sung all night... and still have begged for more... la la la la la la.... " :)

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