Sunday, December 03, 2006

Off to Taipei and Hong Kong!

In exactly 24 hours, I will be taking off (barring minutes of delay) from KLIA to Taipei!

Yay! Finally the long awaited vacation is here, ever since I planned and booked the trip a couple of months back.

Because this is supposed to be a Cathay promotional tour (free&easy), our flight arrives at CKS Airport in Taipei at the unearthy hour of 00:35am! Which means by the time we check into the hotel, it would be like 2am!!

I know.. sounds crazy and wasted time, but I've checked. It is cheaper to extend one more night of hotel with my friend than book both of us on a morning flight there!

Anyways, I am an owl.. and my friend is a flexible one too (both of us are journos so.. ;p)

Four nights- three-and-a-half-day in Taipe - we already more or less plan our itinenary.. covering most of the interesting tourist destinations in and outskirt of the city. It aint gonna be cheap as our tour just include the accommodation and a half-day city tour. But that would give us the flexibility of not having to wake up at 6am every morning shall we join a package tour!

On Friday, while my friend flies home to KL, I will stop at HK and stay another six nights there
with my sis. The last visit to HK was in Sept 2005 where I also watched Alan Tam's awesome concert. It's time to revisit this exciting city and most of all to catch up with my sis, the kids and my friends there.

This time round, I won't get to shop that much. Instead, my itininary will include a-day tour to Disneyland, another day-tour to Macau, attending a wedding (brother-in-law's friend whom I briefly know) and hanging out with friends.. Also going to catch up with good friend and fellow blogger who is now based there after her marriage!

I didn't start to pack till today.. I even took a short nap as I got up early to attend 1st service at church.. then my eyes just couldn't open and mind was clouded.. but as of now, i can proudly say I'm done like 3/4 of the packing - the remaining being toilettries and skincare/makeup etc.. not too bad. Still would have some time tomorrow as i'm only leaving for airport at 3:30pm.

As I write this post, gradually the holiday mood is sinking into me.. I am feeling more and more excited. Was so busy with things from work to church to family stuff that I hadn't really thought about the trip..

Well, and as I return on Dec 14.. to look forward to Christmas and New Year (as well as a year turning older!) I still have another holiday to look forward to next year!

There will not be any post (unless I get `itchy' in HK) for the next 11 days.. ! Till then... :)


It's HL said...

haha, see you soon!

jesscet said...

yeah! am leaving in one hour time and still couldn't resist being online and checking my emails/blog!

see ya in fragrant harbour!:D

Adrian Choo said...

happy birthday!!

jesscet said...

thanks! :)